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Benefits Overview

January 1, 2022 Employee Benefits

Open Enrollment is your annual opportunity to adjust your benefits to best meet the needs of yourself and your family. 

The Open Enrollment period is November 4 – November 22. Any benefit election changes you make during this time will become effective on January 1, 2022

Please evaluate the information in this packet carefully to make sure you understand all your options.


All plan offerings and benefits will remain the same.

RxBenefits/Express Scripts will continue to be the prescription provider. However, Hecla is introducing a separate program for employees called ScriptSourcing.

For more information on this new program, and to see if you qualify for $0 copay- refer to the ScriptSourcing section below. 

Make Your Elections

Action Required

All Employees must complete the following form:

Depending on your changes, you may also need to complete one or more of the following forms:

ScriptSourcing Rx Program

$0 Copay for Eligible Brand-Name Rx

Hecla is implementing a new program designed to provide affordable prescription medications for our employees and their covered dependents. Qualified medications that are eligible for the International Prescription Program (IPP) will be $0 Copay for members. To learn more about ScriptSourcing's International Pharmacy Program, click here >>

Step 1: Visit ScriptSourcing's online Med-Finder to identify any IPP-eligible medications.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with a Pharmacy Advocate or call direct: (410) 902-8811 to complete enrollment.

Step 3: Your Physician will write a new prescription for your 3-month supply and send to ScriptSourcing

Step 4: Receive your medications delivered to your home for $0 Copay

ScriptSourcing is completely separate program from your prescription coverage under RxBenefits.

Contact Us

Contact Murray Group at (208) 765-2620

To Find Plan Information and Notices visit the link below:

Additional Contacts


Nellie Armstrong

VP of Client Services