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You are eligible to participate if you are full-time and work a minimum of 30 hours per week. Your coverage will be effective on the 91st day of full-time employment. Part-Time, seasonal, temporary, internship, and contracted employees are not eligible to participate. 

Children are eligible for benefits until the last day of the calendar year in which they turn 26.

hdhp w/ hsa

hdhp w/ hsa

er vs uc

er vs uc

Employee Contrbutions

Bi-Weekly Deduction Amounts Shown Below

Pre-Tax Contributions

You share in the cost of your Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits. Your employee contributions for these benefits are taken out of your pay on a pre-tax basis as set forth below. In addition, if you elect to contribute to a flexible spending account, those contributions will be taken out of your pay on a pre-tax basis based on your election. Contributions to flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts are also taken on a pre-tax basis.

After-Tax Contributions

If you choose to purchase the following additional benefits, your contribution will be taken out of your pay on an after-tax basis:

  • Voluntary Life Insurance (for yourself or your dependents)
  • Voluntary AD&D Insurance
  • Voluntary Short Term Disability benefits

*Years of service credit starting at 5 years of service, credit increases every 5 years of service