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Quarterly Benefit Reminders

Wolf-Gordon wants to provide their members with reminders to help focus on key benefits that will improve overall health, wellness and lifestyle. Some of these programs will reward you for taking the initiative in doing so. To assist you in achieving this quarter's goals, we are providing the below guidance and resources. We look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals this year and in future years to come!


Did you know that you can get assistance with Medical Claim and Benefit questions as well as assistance with claim issues through the NFP Claim Advocacy Team? Nyisha Learperl is available all year long to assist in answering any questions you may have about benefit eligibility, plan coverage, preparation for surgeries, etc. If you have a claim dispute, contact Nyisha and she will provide the needed assistance to help resolve the issue for you.

Nyisha Learperl, Senior Client Advocate

Phone: 516-327-2731

Email: Nyisha.Learperl@nfp.com


Wolf-Gordon and NFP have worked together to provide a program that will offer savings and discounts to Wolf-Gordon members. This includes:

  • Auto, Home and Renters Insurance
  • Discounts on supplies and Leisure Activities
  • Marketplace Healthcare
  • Medicare Enrollment
  • Pet Insurance

Please visit the link below to learn more about the InsurChoice progam



UHC Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Wolf-Gordon and UHC provides employees enrolled in medical with a way to get rewarded by caring for their health and well-being through the UHC Healthy Living Program

Receive support with 1-on-1 coaching:

  • Build healthy habits
  • Earn Rewards

Visit the link below to learn more

Gym Reimbursement

If you are enrolled in the Wolf-Gordon UHC medical plans, you are eligible for the Gym Reimbursement benefit. This program can reimburse you up to $200 every six months. Please refer to the steps in the resource provided in this section to be on your way to getting paid.

  • Eligibility:
  • Active under a Wolf-Gordon United Healthcare plan
  • Have gone to the gym and/ or exercise classes 50 times in six months

Program & Reimbursement Form

Program & Reimbursement Form

Value Add Programs

Wolf-Gordon and Mutual of Omaha provide members access to added programs that will help guide you through life changes. Programs included are:

  • Will Prep Services
  • Hearing Discount Program
  • Travel Assist

For more information on these programs, please access the the resource in this section

Value Added Programs

Value Added Programs

Wolf-Gordon Leave Policy

Leave Policy

Leave Policy

To learn more about Wolf-Gordon's leave policy, please review the information provided in this section. If you have questions or need to request a leave, please contact the Human Resources Department.