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The Classical Academy (TCA) is pleased to provide a comprehensive and competitive benefit program for our eligible employees. Through its medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance coverage, the program offers valuable protection to you and your immediate family members. We strive to offer a high quality and competitive employee benefits program. We make every effort to develop programs considering the diversified needs of our workforce.


All regular positions with a cumulative Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) of .5 or greater are eligible for benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life, and long-term disability insurance on the first of the month following Date of Hire or status change:

To obtain benefits you must satisfy the following:

•Full-Time (FT): Positions with an FTE of .75 or greater (30 hours or more per week) will pay a medical insurance premium with a greater TCA contribution.

•Part-Time (PT): Positions with an FTE between .5 (20 hours per week) and .74 (less than 30 hours per week) will pay a medical insurance premium with a lesser TCA contribution.

•Ineligible: Positions with an FTE of less than .5 (less than 20 hours per week), along with coaching and substitute positions, are not eligible for benefits except for PERA and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). 

Q&A Sessions

Join us for one of the online Q&A sessions to learn more about your benefit options.

Wednesday, April 20th

Time: 3:30pm -4:00pm

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Friday, April 22nd

Time: 1:00 pm. - 1:30pm

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No changes to the core Medical / Dental / Vision plans for 2022 - 2023!

Medical: Anthem BCBS*

  • Gold Plan (PPO)
  • Bronze Plan (PPO)
  • QHDHP (Qualified High Deductible Health Plan)

Dental: Delta Dental

  • Dental Premier Plan

Vision: EyeMed

  • EyeMed Vision Plan

SHARx – A pharmacy advocacy program designed to redirect high-cost prescriptions resulting in significant savings by reducing out-of-pocket costs and helping to control your plan costs /premiums.

For those enrolled in the Qualified High Deductible Health Plan (QHDHP), you have the option of a Health Savings Account (HSA) to which you can contribute on a pre-tax basis. TCA generously contributes to your HSA as well!

In addition, you have the ability to access investment options associated with your Health Savings Account (HSA)! 

What Changed in 2022-2023?

Voluntary Benefit Plans – These were offered through Colonial previously and now will be offered through Aflac.  Aflac coverage under the three most popular voluntary benefit programs – accident, hospital indemnity and critical illness.


How To Enroll In Benefits

Action Required:

The iVisions benefits portal is now open. You must login to iVisions to complete your benefits elections (even if you are waiving or not returning to TCA for the 2022-2023 school year). All elections must be submitted by 4:00 PM on May 4th. The benefits you elect during open enrollment will be effective from June 1, 2022 through May 31, 2023

A few reminders:

·        Once you hit submit, you cannot make changes to your benefits unless you experience a qualifying life event. You will only have 30 days from the effective date of the event to contact HR and make changes to your benefit elections (See Employee Benefits Guide for more information).

·        Premium contribution changes will occur on the May 31st pay statement.

·        All benefit deductions come out of your check on a pre-tax basis unless you have previous notified HR. If you would like to change your tax option, you need to contact HR before you elect your benefits.

·        If you are participating in Flexible Spending, Dependent Care, Health Savings Account or Limited Purpose FSA, elections will be made through the benefits portal. 

·        If you elected to receive information about Supplemental Life Insurance or Aflac products, HR will email you with further instructions.

·        You can elect to participate in the YMCA corporate membership again this year. If you are currently participating in this program, you will need to re-enroll for this benefit. Select ‘yes’ within the portal and HR will contact you with further instructions.  


Open Enrollment Instructions 2020-21


Open Enrollment Instructions 2 ...


Your benefit elections will be effective from June 1, 2022 – May 31, 2023, and cannot be changed without a Qualifying Life Event (QLE). If you experience a Qualifying Life Event (QLE), you must notify Human Resources within 30-days of the event to change your dependent coverage.

Any changes you make to your benefit choices must be directly related to the qualifying event. Most changes take effect on the first of the month following the event, except for a birth or placement for adoption, which takes effect on the day of the event. Depending on the type of event, you may need to provide proof of the qualifying event (for example, a marriage license, or birth certificate). 

Refer to your Employee Benefit Guide or contact Human Resources if you have questions about qualifying events.


Anthem / Southern Scripts / ShaRx / PeakMed


Group #H60 1-800-442-7247

The TCA medical plans being offered are self-funded plans, meaning that TCA funds their own medical and pharmacy claims. HealthComp is the TPA (Third-Party Administrator) who administers and processes the claims. Call HealthComp at 1-800-442-7247 for benefit and claims questions.


Anthem is a national network of providers so employees who are traveling outside of Colorado will be able to locate an Anthem provider in any other state. To search for doctors, hospitals, and more; go to Click on “Find Care” and login or search as a guest. If searching as a guest, use the following from the drop-down lists: Type of Care: Medical; State: Colorado; Type of Plan: Medical (Employer-Sponsored); Plan / Network: National PPO (BlueCard PPO). The click on “continue.”

Southern Scripts


Southern Scripts provides transparent and pass-through pharmacy benefit management services for self-funded employer group health plans. You can have your formulary prescriptions filled at any network pharmacy regard-less of your designated home service area. To find out more about your formulary, members can call toll free at 1-800-710-9341 or go online to



SHARx is a pharmacy advocacy solution to bring improved access to high-cost medications. This service is included at no additional cost to you as a member enrolled on the medical plan. This results in significant savings by reducing out-of-pocket costs and helping to control your plan costs /premiums



PeakMed LifeCenters is a direct primary care whose relationship-based care, real-time communication and financial transparency, innovative approach establishes a foundation for lifelong health, while reducing unnecessary medical spending.

Employee Wellness Program


At TCA, we are deeply committed to providing and promoting a culture which encourages healthy lifestyles and supports you and your family in your wellness efforts.The greatest benefit of participating is your own personal health and well-being. By participating in the wellness program, you are eligible to receive two taxable monetary incentives during the plan year in your paycheck

Orriant test

Orriant Overview

Orriant test

Orriant Overview

Profile EAP

Profile EAP and Work-Life Services Now Available in the Palm of Your Hand


Navigating the practical challenges of life, while handling the demands of your job can be stressful and finding the right work/life balance is key to living a happier healthier life.

Our online resources and referral services are designed to provide knowledgeable consultation and customized guidance to assist with gaining resolution to everyday hurdles.

Resources Include: Counseling, Self-Assessment Tools, Adoption, Child Care & Special Needs, Eldercare, Housing, Legal, Financial, Pet Care, and more…

Create your personal access at  Use company code: THECA

Profile EAP Overview Video

Profile EAP Overview Video

Profile EAP Overview Video

Profile EAP Overview Video


Delta Dental of Colorado

Group#9635 1-800-610-0201

Routine exams allow your dental provider to get to know you and follow your health history. Providers are able to catch and treat potential problems early when they see their patients on a routine basis. TCA provides a dental plan with Delta Dental. Remember staying in-network provides the best cost savings with Delta Dental.


EyeMed Vision Plan

Group #9846437 1-866-723-0514

TCA offers a voluntary vision coverage through EyeMed to help pay for eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. You receive a higher level of benefits when you see a provider in the EyeMed Network. Review your coverage details in the Benefit Guide.

Basic Life, Voluntary Life and Long-Term Disability

The Standard Insurance

Basic Life

TCA provides Basic Life Insurance policy for all benefit eligible employees at no cost. Employees can purchase a basic term life insurance policy for their spouse and children. Dependents include unmarried child(ren) from live birth through age 24. If the employee elects Dependent life at initial eligibility (gain their first dependent); all of elected dependents are covered. If the employee has a spouse and/or child and did not elect it when gained your first dependent and the employee chooses to elect Dependent Life insurance at a later date, both the spouse and child would need to have Evidence of Insurability (EOI) submitted and be approved before the dependent life could be added.

Voluntary Life

In addition to basic life insurance provided by TCA, employees have the option to buy supplemental (voluntary) life insurance for themselves, spouse or dependent children.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

TCA provides all eligible employees long-term disability at no cost.

Supplemental Health



TCA made a change to the supplemental health benefits providing more competitive pricing options with Aflac. The plan options will remain the same, but at a lower cost package. We realize you make benefit choices based on what’s important to you and the needs of your changing lifestyle. Therefore, along with our core benefits, we offer these additional benefits which help to provide financial support to employees. Additional benefits include:

  • Accident Care
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Critical Illness

For those that attend and complete the onsite screenings with Orriant, will automatically receive the Aflac Wellness credit. That’s more money in your pocket!

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