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Benefits Overview

Stella Maris Benefit Overview for 2023

Medical Plan: Cigna will continue as the medical carrier with no changes to the one medical plan offering.

$2,000 PPO plan: 80/20 in-network with $2,000/$4,000 deductible

Prescription Drug:  Express Scripts – No Changes

Dental PlanLincoln will continue as the dental carrier with no plan changes.

Vision Plan: Lincoln will continue as the vision carrier with no changes.

Group Term Life and AD&D / Voluntary Life: Lincoln will continue to administer with no plan changes.  

Enrollment Instructions

Action Required

Open Enrollment Period: March 25th - April 1st

ALL EMPLOYEES must complete and sign the Benefit Election Form which includes coverage elections for medical, dental, and vision. The Benefit Election form is located in the attached Benefit Alert Newsletter.

If you are currently enrolled in the voluntary life coverage and keeping coverage for 2023, there is nothing you need to do as coverage elections will rollover. If you are enrolling in the voluntary life coverage outside your initial new hire enrollment period, you will need to complete the attached Lincoln application and Evidence of Insurability Form. Once complete it will be reviewed by Lincoln, which they will then approve or deny the coverage.

Voluntary Life Enrollment Form - Complete the following sections:

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3 - Voluntary / Optional Group Insurance Only

Section 4 - Beneficiary

Section 5

Section 6

You can complete the Evidence of Insurability form online at using company code STELLAM . the Voluntary Life rate chart is included in the Voluntary Life Lincoln benefit summary, which is attached.

Please be sure to review your beneficiary for your employer paid life annually. If you are making changes to your beneficiary, please submit a new beneficiary form to HR.

Please return all forms to HR by March 21, 2023

Stella Maris Benefit Guide

Stella Maris Benefit Guide

Cigna SBC

Cigna SBC

Lincoln Dental Summary

Lincoln Dental Summary

Lincoln Vision Summary

Lincoln Vision Summary

Lincoln Life and AD&D Summary

Lincoln Life and AD&D Summary

Lincoln Vol Life Summary

Lincoln Vol Life Summary

Lincoln Enrollment Form - Vol Life / Beneficiary

Lincoln Enrollment Form - Vol Life / Beneficiary

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