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2022 Open Enrollment Memo

2022 Open Enrollment Memo


Annual enrollment is your opportunity to learn about the 2022 benefits, review your current coverage and choose the best options for you and your family. Please review our 2022 Guidebook and SBC's under Employee Resources.


You have the opportunity to modify your current medical, dental, vision and HSA election(s) or enroll in coverage you previously waived. This is an passive enrollment, which means your current elections will carry over if you do not make an election during open enrollment.


Per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, employees enrolled in pre-tax benefit plans may only make

elections or changes to their plans once per year. Because of these rules, your benefit elections will

be binding through December 31, 2022; however, you may make changes to your election if you

experience one or more of the following special circumstances, which are known as “Qualifying

Life Events":

• Marriage

• Birth, adoption or placement for adoption of an eligible child

• Divorce, legal separation or annulment of marriage

• Loss of spouse’s job or change in work status (when coverage is maintained through spouse’s plan)

• A significant change in your or your spouse’s health coverage that is attributable to your spouse’s employment

• Death of spouse or dependent

• Loss of dependent status

• Becoming eligible for Medicare or Medicaid during the year

• Receiving a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO)

These Qualifying Life Events allow you to make plan changes during the year. For any allowable changes, you must inform the Human Resources

Department within 31 calendar days of the event. Benefit changes that are requested due to a ‘change of mind’ cannot be allowed until the next

Open Enrollment period. For additional information concerning plan changes, please contact Human Resources.

Benefits Overview


The medical plans are remaining with Independence Blue Cross (IBC). Effective January 1, 2022 the IBC PPO $1,000/$25-50 has been replaced with a PPO $40-$70 plan.

  • IBC HDHP $3,000/100%
  • There are no changes to the benefits, this continues to be the lowest cost plan but the payroll contributions are changing.
  • Reminder that this plan offers a preventative drug rider.

  • IBC PPO $40-$70 - Here are the following changes from the PPO $1,000/$25-$50
  • Middle plan option
  • The annual deductible has been reduced to $0 for single and all other coverage tiers.
  • This plan has set copays for service

  • IBC PPO $35-$75
  • There are no changes to the benefits, but the payroll contributions are changing.

If you wish to opt out of coverage with Sandmeyer Steel Company, you must provide Judy Grosso with proof of group sponsored coverage elsewhere.


• Employees enrolling in the IBC HDHP $3,000/100% are eligible for the HSA

• The maximum amount you may contribute in 2022 is $3,650 for single coverage and $7,300 for family coverage.

• If you are over the age of 55, you are allowed to make an additional $1,000 contribution to your HSA.

• The maximum per pay elections for the HSA are provided in the HSA section of the Benefits Guidebook.


There will be no changes to the Dental plan design this year. Dental benefits will continue to be through Delta Dental of PA. Contributions for dental coverage will see a slight change. Effective January 1, 2022, if you enroll with

single dental coverage your per pay cost will be $0. All other coverage tiers have been reduced. See your benefit guidebook for details.


There will be no changes to the vision plan through EyeMed. The EyeMed Vision network consists of private practice

doctors and retail chains such as LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears, Target and JCPenney. These providers offer

both eye exams and eyewear, making for a convenient “onestop” means of obtaining eye care. The plan will include

coverage for:

• A comprehensive eye exam, once every 12 months, for a $10 copay.

• Lenses (for glasses) for a $25 copay OR up to $150 towards contacts every 12 months.

• Up to $150 towards frames every 12 months.

To locate a provider, go to and select “Find a Provider.” Under the “Network” drop-down

box select “Insight” and enter your information. You can also call 1-866-939-3633

How To Enroll

What Do I Need To Do During This PASSIVE Open Enrollment?

You should carefully consider your Open Enrollment decision as this is the only time you are allowed to change your benefit elections without a qualifying life event. Your decisions will remain in effect for the entire plan year (January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022) unless you experience a qualifying life event.

What happens if I do not log onto the ADP Employee Self Service Portal during open enrollment (1/1/2022 effective date)?

  • Medical: your current election will rollover into the new plan year
  • Dental: your current election will rollover into the new plan year
  • Vision: your current election will rollover into the new plan year

You must go to the ADP Employee Self Service Portal to process Open Enrollment changes. All elections must be completed in ADP Self-Service Portal by Wednesday December 1, 2021 to ensure your enrollments are processed as soon as possible for the January 1, 2022 effective date.

ADP Self Service Portal

Open Enrollment

ADP Self Service Portal

Open Enrollment


Medical/Rx Benefits

Independence Blue Cross (IBC) |

Member Services ............................................... 800-ASK-BLUE

Pharmacy Management/Mail Order................... 888-678-7012

Telemedicine 877-764-6605

Penn Medicine (5 county Philadelphia area & surrounding areas only)  215-615-2222

Health Coaching (24/7 Nurseline)...................... 800-275-2583

Health Savings Account (HSA)

HealthEquity |

Member Services .................................................. 866-346-5800

Dental Benefits

Delta Dental |

Customer Service................................................... 800-932-0783

Vision Benefits

EyeMed |

Customer Service................................................... 866-939-3633

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

HealthAdvocate |

Customer Service................................................... 877-240-6863

NFP Benefit support team

Do you have questions regarding your benefits through Sandmeyer Steel Company? NFP provides a dedicated Benefit Support Team who can answer your medical, dental, and vision questions and assist with escalated claims issues. This confidential service is available to you as well as your family members who are covered by Sandmeyer Steel Company’s benefits.

For direct assistance, please contact the NFP Benefits Support Team at:

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00pm, Eastern Time