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2022 Benefits Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment is your opportunity to evaluate your current benefit elections and make changes for the new plan year, beginning June 1st.

There are some exciting new changes to our benefits this year. Meetings will be conducted to discuss updates to your benefits package that will take effect June 1st, and to assist you with any questions you have or changes you may need to make.

Open Enrollment paperwork is due to HR by May 6th.

Changes This Year

There will be some exciting changes, this year!

Prescription Drug Formulary

BCBS will be moving your pharmacy benefit to a more cost-effective and clinically appropriate managed drug list.

Member notices and support: Members may be impacted if using prescription medications that are no longer covered, using prescriptions that may still be covered but at a higher payment tier (non-preferred) or may be subject to new utilization management program criteria before prescription drug benefit coverage may be approved. Impacted members may receive a communication alerting them of the change. The letter will explain how the change may impact them. Members will be encouraged to talk with their health care provider(s) about their prescribed medications and if any changes in their drug therapy may be right for them.

Livongo Programs ($0 Cost to You)

Diabetes Management Program

This program is provided to you and your family members with diabetes and coverage through BCBSOK. Livongo helps 700,000+ members worry less about managing diabetes. With Livongo, you’ll get a smart blood glucose meter to guide your journey, a connected app that tracks numbers so you don’t have to, and access to expert coaches for advice on diet, lifestyle and more, all at no cost to you!! This program is available beginning April 1, 2022, but you have to enroll by visiting or call 800-945-4355 and use registration code: WELL-BCBSOK.

High Blood Pressure Management

This program is provided to you and your family members with high blood pressure and coverage through BCBSOK. This program provides a free advanced blood pressure monitor, personalized insights, one-on-one coaching, easy-to-use app and dashboard and guidance on healthy habits, all at no cost to you!! This program is available beginning April 1, 2022, but you have to enroll by visiting or call 800-945-4355 and use registration code: BCBSOK-HEALTH. 

Wondr ($0 Cost to You)

Metabolic Syndrome Reversal Program

Wondr is a behavioral counseling program for metabolic syndrome reversal and weight management. Now you can lose weight, gain energy, sleep better, and improve your mind and body—all while eating your favorite foods.

Your Cost Per Paycheck

Our Medical and Vision plans incurred an increase in premium, so you will see an increase to your payroll deductions, for these benefits. All other benefits did not incur an increase, so those per pay deductions will remain the same, for the new plan year; however, you may see a change in your cost per pay for Voluntary Life, if you advanced to a new age. 

Benefits Overview

As a full-time employee, you are eligible for the comprehensive benefits available to you and your family. 

Resources Available

This Benefits Open Enrollment Microsite contains all the necessary benefit summaries and forms required to enroll or make changes to your current elections. Also available are some Health Plan Compliance Notices. Please review these notices to learn about your rights pertaining to your benefits.

Please be sure to:

  • Review your benefits open enrollment guide, which highlights the comprehensive coverage available to you and your family.
  • Refer to your Summaries of Benefits and Coverage, for more benefit details.
  • Read the Benefits Compliance notices to learn about your rights pertaining to your benefits.

How To Enroll and Forms

Be sure to attend one of the in-person presentations to get your enrollment packet.

Your benefits packet includes two copies of your personal Benefits Statement, which reflects your current benefit elections and payroll deductions.

Action Required:

  • Review your personal Benefits Statement, included in your open enrollment packet, and report any discrepancies to HR. Note: Your benefits statement might not reflect any recent election changes.
  • The top copy of your Benefits Statement is for you to keep for your records.
  • The second copy is for you to initial your open enrollment selection (either continuing your current benefit elections or making a change), and return to HR.
  • If making a benefit or election change, you will also need to complete a change form, which can be found in your open enrollment packet. Mark your new elections and return to HR, with their copy of your Benefits Statement, by the enrollment deadline.

New employees will need to complete the Benefits Enrollment Form, included in their packet. If your packet doesn't include an application, you can get one below under "Resources".

The HR copy of your Benefits Statement, and Change Form (if applicable), are due to HR, no later than May 6th.

Guardian Life

Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Benefits

As your employer, we automatically provide a certain level of life insurance coverage for you and give you the opportunity to purchase additional coverage for you and your dependents. 

Employees who wish to supplement their basic life insurance benefit, may purchase additional coverage.

Annual Voluntary Life Benefit Increase:

Employees that elected Voluntary Life coverage during their initial enrollment period, has the option to elect $10,000 to $50,000 additional coverage during open enrollment, not to exceed $100,000, without having to prove insurability. This option is not available for your spouse or dependent children.

If you didn't elect this benefit, when first eligible, and decide to enroll during open enrollment, you will have to prove insurability by completing an Evidence of Insurability form (found in the "How to Enroll and Forms" section. Underwriting will notify you of approval or denial of coverage.

Aura Identity Guard

Identity Theft Protection

Cybercrime has become the number one threat facing our world today. With the amount of our personal information online, it’s become easier for your identity to be stolen. The need to protect yourself and your family is more important than ever. Aura Identity Guard protects your financial, personal, and social identity. They will monitor online resources and alert you of any threats. They will also help recover your lost information and insure you for up to $1 Million in stolen funds!!!


Accident, Cancer, Specified Disease, etc.

Contact your Aflac Representative regarding these benefits. They will answer any questions you may have, and take care of enrolling, changing or cancelling your policies.

Your Colonial Representative is Shane Owen. He can be reached at 405-308-3883 or

Contact Us

While we are interested and concerned about the health of our employees and their dependents, we have HIPAA Privacy Compliance obligations which limit the information shared with us. NFP is available to assist you with claims issues or any other issues you have concerning our benefits. If you are experiencing a claim issue, please contact Customer Service with the appropriate insurance company, first, to see if you can resolve it on your own. If not, then you need to contact our broker for further assistance.