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About Rx Solutions

Plan pharmacy spending growth is at historically high levels —meaning your employees suffer from rising costs and stagnating levels of care.


NFP Rx Solutions reviews every aspect of a client’s pharmacy benefit plan, identifies utilization concerns, and recommends plan solutions to mitigate risks of rising drug spend. We believe in sharing our insights and knowledge of the industry in real-time through weekly data driven alerts, monthly financial meetings, and quarterly pharmacy benefit plan reviews. With key stakeholders, we translate complex challenges and client objectives to a tailored strategy.


Our mission is to support our client’s and their members with concierge level service and issue resolution through our Rx Service Center and provide a proactive clinical strategy to bend the growing drug cost curve.


Through our comprehensive coalition and non-coalition models, we are able to work with any clients regardless of PBM/Carrier, Carved-In, Carved-Out, etc. Our team of pharmacists and analysts can customize and evaluate pharmacy benefit manager contracts through coalitions, health plans or direct PBM agreements. Our services include:

  • Consulting outside of the NFP Rx Solutions coalition, our team of specialists can provide financial and trend reporting, pharmacy utilization review, clinical program recommendations, as well as renewal and market check negotiation and analysis. Clients are able to remain with their current vendors to minimize disruption while increasing the oversight of the pharmacy benefit through the NFP Rx Solutions team.
  • NFP Rx Solutions coalition model, utilizing 1.6+ million lives our coalition model allows clients to access the most competitive contracts through the 3 largest PBMs in the industry while obtaining best in class ongoing pharmacy consulting
  • Rx Project Work including but not limited to financial audits, claims audits, full RFPs, third-party vendor evaluations, and contract negotiations

NFP Rx Solutions Coalition Partners

Contact Us

Regional Sales Leader and Contact:


Steve Bunner, CSFS®

Vice President, Sales

16090 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 450 | Chesterfield, MO 63017

O: 636.779.5525 C: 636.639.0204 | stephen.bunner@nfp.com


Charlie Hartung

Vice President

Pharmacy Consulting

16090 Swingley Ridge Rd. Suite 450 | Chesterfield, MO 63017

C: 314.724.5562 | charlie.hartung@nfp.com


Paula Wims

Vice President of Sales

16090 Swingley Ridge Rd. Suite 450 | Chesterfield, MO 63017

P: 636.273.5611 C: 314.791.2700 | paula.wims@nfp.com 


Austin Stolzer

Vice President of Sales

16090 Swingley Ridge Rd., Suite 450 | Chesterfield, MO 63017

O: 636.779.5527 C:847-648-6407 | Austin.stolzer@nfp.com