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This site is available to benefit eligible employees for reference and enrollment. 

  • If you are enrolling during open enrollment or as a first time eligible employee, there is a link to the enrollment portal you will need to visit to make your elections – please see HR for any necessary credentials you may need to access the site
  • Open enrollment elections must be made within 30 days of first becoming eligible
  • Notices for enrollment meetings or webinars will be posted below
  • If you have already enrolled in benefits for the current plan year, you will only be allowed to change your elections if you have a Life Change Event (as outlined in the Benefits Guide)


Resources available on this site include a webinar recording from the last open enrollment, a benefits guide and plan summaries / resources describing the plans you are eligible for. This site also lists contact information that can be used at open enrollment and throughout the year. Your next opportunity to review and/or change benefits will be at the next open enrollment.

Click the link below to listen to the recorded Webinar (Passcode: !x7rL*.M)

Benefits Overview

  • Watch the 2021 recorded webinar on RENU's benefits plans (Available in the Introduction Section).
  • Read about what is new and what is changing in your 2021 Benefits Guide
  • Detailed Plan summaries and Resources to help you make an educated decision (Available in Additional Resources)
2021 Benefits Guide

2021 Benefits Guide

How To Enroll

  • Visit the PPI Enrollment Portal to review your current coverage or to enroll if you are a first time eligible employee.
  • If you are already enrolled you may only make changes if you have a Life Event.
  • If you are a new employee, to participate in a Flexible Spending Account in 2021, you must make an active election. Employees who are currently enrolled in the FSA will not need to re-enroll at this time. Open Enrollment for the FSA will take place January of 2022.
  • Refer to the "Self Enroll User Guide" in this section on how to enroll for first time users and employees returning who already have an account.
PPI Enrollment Guide (New User)

PPI Enrollment Guide (New User)

PPI Enrollment Guide (Returning User)

PPI Enrollment Guide (Returning User)

Contact Us

Contact your Human Resources Department Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (EST)

Name: Tara Di Lello, Director of Human Resources

Phone: (631) 683-3962 ext. 114


Contact Benefits Concierge and Claims Advocacy (claims and benefits related inquiries) Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (EST)

Name: Benefits Concierge

Phone: (877) 835-1361


Name: Claims Advocacy

Phone: (877) 835-1361


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