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Who is an applicable Small Business Client?

It is a client who checks all of the following criteria. If any one criteria does not apply, contact the Cyber Practice.

The Client Account meets either of these thresholds:

  • Total P&C Revenue to NFP is less than $10,000; or,
  • The Client's Annual Revenue is less than $35 million

The Client's does not belong to either of these industries:

  • Cannabis
  • Digital Assets
  • Payment Processor
  • Software as a Service
  • Advertising
  • Professional Services (e.g. law firm, consultants, accounting)
  • Tech companies (e.g. software entities)
  • Private Equity

The Client's has multi-factor authenticator (MFA) in place:

  • For Corporate Emails
  • For Corporate Networks/Systems
  • For Remote Access

Claims experience:

  • Your client has not experienced a cyber event in the past 3 years that has resulted in a direct financial loss of more than USD10,000
  • Your client has not had any legal action brought or threatened against them in the last 5 years as a direct result of a cyber event
  • Your client has not had any regulatory action initiated against them in the last 5 years as a direct result of a cyber event

About Relay

Quote-to-bind solution

  • Multicarrier quotes with a single submission entry
  • Review side-by-side carrier coverage difference
  • Generate client-ready proposals

About Relay

  • Relay has over 600 brokers on its platform
  • Facilitated over $8B in total insured values
  • Processed over 10K quotes
  • Partly funded by distributed ventures

What is API?

We have access to the following carriers with Application Programming Interface (API) integration on Relay

CFC offers admitted and non-admitted based cyber policy forms. It has the simplest submission step: basic information about the Insured is the minimum required without the need for a completed questionnaire.

Coalition’s API process with Relay mimics its process on its own web-based portal: the Coalition quote is condition to a signed affirmation by the Insured of application information submitted and converted on their own application format.

Corvus delivers cyber coverage no different than the proposals generated from their own web-based portal. The application questionnaire is aligned with our other carriers.

Cowbell offers two levels of coverage: Form 100 and Form 250. Their Form 100 does not include Contingent Business Interruption as evident on Relay’s quote comparator. Cowbell continues to expand its API capabilities to include their Form 250 expected in in Q3 2022.

Know your Carriers: Pre-requisites

Relay Guidebook

User Guideline for Digital Placement Process on Relay

This is a step-by-step outline to market cyber standalone coverage on Relay 

Not using Relay? Use these templates for Renewal Solicitation

Solicitation Template

Renewal Solicitation Message to Client

Cyber Market Conditions

Marketplace update to include with Solicitation Message to Client

Application cyber/tech HCC


HCC Cyber Ransomware Questionnaire

Ransomware Questionnaire

Resources for Clients

Cyber Security Reports