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How to Enroll with ADP



1.Review the information in this guide and benefit plan summaries.

2.You must complete and sign an enrollment form, even if you are waiving coverage.

3.You will not be allowed to make changes after the open enrollment window closes, unless you experience a qualifying life event.


You must notify HR and change elections

 within 30 days of the event.

Medical Benefits

PPO Plan opt 20


Single: $5,000

Family: $10,000

Out of Pocket Max



Preventive Care: Covered at 100%

Primary Care: $30 copay

Specialist Visit: $60 copay

Urgent Care: $75 copay

ER Visit: $400 copay

PPO-HSA Plan opt E3


Single: $3,000

Family: $6,000

Out of Pocket Max



Preventive Care: Covered at 100%

Primary Care: 100% after deductible

Specialist Visit: 100% after deductible

Urgent Care: 100% after deductible

ER Visit:100% after deductible


Sydney App


Find Care

Search for doctors, hospitals, and

other healthcare professionals in

your plan’s network and compare

costs. You can filter providers by what

is most important to you such as

gender, languages spoken, or location.

Virtual Care

Connect directly to care from the

convenience of home. Assess your symptoms

quickly using the Symptom Checker, then

consult with a doctor through a video visit or

text session.

Virtual Visits

On Live Health Online, you can:

-See a board-certified doctor 24/7. You don’t need an

appointment to see a doctor. They’re always available to

assess your condition and send a prescription to the

pharmacy you choose, if needed.1 It’s a great option when

you have pink eye, a cold, the flu, a fever, allergies, a sinus

infection or another common health issue.

-Visit a licensed therapist in four days or less.2 Have a video

visit with a therapist to get help with anxiety, depression,

grief, panic attacks and more. Schedule your appointment

online or call 1-888-548-3432 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven

days a week.

-Consult a board-certified psychiatrist within two weeks.3

If you’re over 18 years old, you can get medication support to

help you manage a mental health condition. To schedule your

appointment call 1-888-548-3432 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.,

seven days a week.

  • Accident Care
  • Critical Illness
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Legal Shield

Health Saving Account


-To be eligible to open and contribute to an HSA, you must have coverage under a qualified High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP).

-Participants cannot be covered by any other health insurance plan (this exclusion does not apply to certain other types of insurance, such as dental, vision, disability or long-term care coverage);

-Participants cannot participate in a Healthcare FSA or spouse/domestic partner’s Healthcare FSA or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA).

-Participants cannot be enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid.

-You cannot be eligible to be claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return.

-You have not received Department of Veterans Affairs Medical benefits in the past 90 days, unless the Veteran has a disability rating.

Dental Benefits

PPO Dental Plan



Family $150

Preventive Care: 100%

Basic Care: 80%

Major Care: 50%


Vision Benefits


VSP Vision Plan

Vision Exam: $10 copay ( every 12 months)

Lenses: $0 copay (every 12 months)

Frames: 80% of amount over $150 (every 24 months)

Life Benefits


Life insurance is an important part of your financial security. Life insurance helps protect your family from financial risk and sudden loss of income in the event of your death. AD&D insurance is equal to your Life benefit in the event of your death being a result of an accident, and may also pay benefits for certain injuries sustained.

Pirhl provides Basic Life Coverage for all full time employees in the amount of 100% of your annual salary, to a maximum of $50,000

Click on the Guardian plan for all rates.

Guardian Plan Details

Guardian Plan Details

Accident Benefits

Accident Insurance

A serious injury can cost you a lot of money – not only in medical bills but in things like income from lost work hours. Some injuries are minor, but others are debilitating and require significant medical care. If you get hurt, accident insurance pays you money that you can use to cover personal expenses, bills, and out-of-pocket medical costs.

Click on the link below to see your plan details.

Accident and Life


For more information click on the Peoples Bank Icon below:

40lk Contact Page

40lk Contact Page

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

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