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2022 Benefit Guide Book

2022 Benefit Guide Book

Penn Jersey Paper provides you with a wide range of benefit options to help you meet your benefit needs, and we are committed to providing you with great products that are among the best available in our markets. As an organization, Penn Jersey Paper appreciates the role that employee benefits play as a critical component of an employee’s overall compensation. We continue to make every effort to acquire the best quality benefit plans for our valued employees.

This year's Open Enrollment will be held from November 16th and will close on Saturday November 20th and will be a PASSIVE ENROLLMENT.


You have the opportunity to modify your current medical, dental, vision and HSA election(s) or enroll in coverage you previously waived. Since is a passive enrollment, this means your current elections will carry over if you do not make an election during open enrollment period.

YOU MUST actively re-elect your FSA enrollment if you wish to have this benefit for the 2022 Plan Year

If you wish to make any changes to your benefits, you must go into ADP and make said changes before November 20th


Per Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, employees enrolled in pre-tax benefit plans may only make

elections or changes to their plans once per year. Because of these rules, your benefit elections will

be binding through December 31, 2022; however, you may make changes to your election if you

experience one or more of the following special circumstances, which are known as “Qualifying

Life Events":

• Marriage

• Birth, adoption or placement for adoption of an eligible child

• Divorce, legal separation or annulment of marriage

• Loss of spouse’s job or change in work status (when coverage is maintained through spouse’s plan)

• A significant change in your or your spouse’s health coverage that is attributable to your spouse’s employment

• Death of spouse or dependent

• Loss of dependent status

• Becoming eligible for Medicare or Medicaid during the year

• Receiving a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO)

These Qualifying Life Events allow you to make plan changes during the year. For any allowable changes, you must inform the Human Resources

Department within 31 calendar days of the event. Benefit changes that are requested due to a ‘change of mind’ cannot be allowed until the next

Open Enrollment period. For additional information concerning plan changes, please contact Human Resources.

2022 Benefit Guide Book

2022 Benefit Guide Book


ELIGIBILITY - Full-Time Employees

If you are scheduled to work at least 30 hours a week, you are eligible to participate in the following benefits on the first day of the month following 60 days of employment.

Medical & Prescription Drug


Voluntary Vision

Voluntary Life/AD&D

Voluntary Long-Term Disability

Voluntary Accident

Basic Life/AD&D insurance is offered at no cost to all active full-time Penn Jersey Paper employees. 

Dependent Eligibility

Employees who are eligible to participate in Penn Jersey Paper’s benefit programs may also enroll their dependents. For the purpose of our benefit plans, your dependents are defined as follows:

Your legal spouse

Your children until the end of the calendar month that they reach the age of 26

Your unmarried children of any age who are mentally or physically disabled and totally dependent upon you for support (proof of condition and dependence must be submitted)

Your children who are covered by a Qualified Medical Child Support Order

Benefits Overview

This year, there will be no changes to plan design or carrier:

  • Medical
  • United HealthCare
  • High Deductible Plan w/ HRA
  • High Deductible Plan w/o HRA
  • EPO Plan w/ HRA

  • Dental
  • Lincoln Financial
  • PPO 

  • Vision
  • Lincoln Financial

  • Life & Long Term Disability
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Basic Life/AD&D
  • Voluntary Life and AD&D
  • Voluntary Long Term Disability

  • Accident Plan
  • Guardian

Your contributions for Medical, Vision, and Accident are NOT changing. However, your Dental contributions will see a slight increase. If you are enrolled in Voluntary Life and AD&D and/or Long Term Disability, you may see an increase in contributions if you have aged into a new Age Banded Bracket. The IRS has increased the maximum annual amount you can contribute to a Health Care FSA is $2,850. This plan has a rollover provision which allows you to carry up to $570 of unspent Health Care FSA funds into the next plan year. 

How To Enroll

Once you have reviewed the benefit offerings from Penn Jersey Paper and WANT TO CHANGE A BENEFIT ELECTION, you will need to log on to ADP to make your desired changes. YOU MUST actively re-elect your FSA enrollment if you wish to have this benefit for the 2022 Plan Year. If you wish to keep your benefits as they were in the 2021 Plan Year, then no action is required in ADP.

How to Enroll Flyer

How to Enroll Flyer

Contact Us

Contact the NFP Benefit Support Team


Phone: 855-287-2202