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Why PEO Center of Excellence

We're here to look at the numbers, look at their needs and try to find the actual best fit for the organization rather than trying to sell a product. Beyond profiles, what will work best for an organization has to be evaluated on a case by case basis. There’s no “magic bullet” question or answer to determine whether we should help place a client or prospect with a PEO, renegotiate their PEO arrangement or work with them on a broader benefits program.

Working with a PEO can be complex, but talking about them with your clients involves low risk with great opportunity for reward — as long as you come into the conversation with a sufficient understanding of both sides of the PEO equation and introduce an NFP specialist when the time is right. 

Whether an organization is looking to enter a PEO or ready to leave one, with the power of NFP behind you, you’re equipped to help them reach their goals. 

Our PEO Quoting Panel

The PEO COE was created to streamline quoting between our teams and our PEO partners to simplify the entire PEO process for your clients organization and to help them find and implement better PEO solutions.

Getting Started


  • Average employee counts: 27
  • No HR coordinator or HR team
  • No HR or ben admin tech
  • A large number of part-time employees
  • High premium rates and high participation
  • Buyers: CEO, CFO


While asking these questions, compare their responses with the ideal client profile for each scenario to figure out what they truly need — we’re here to give agnostic advice. 

  • When’s the last time you’ve audited your PEO fees? Have you experienced a jump in fees? 
  • How do you feel about your PEO? (If negative): Is it your specific PEO you don’t like or the PEO model?
  • Have you experienced a jump in PEO fees and/or benefit premiums? Have you experienced YOY medical increases but haven't been presented options other than swapping carriers?
  • Have you ever conducted an audit of your PEO? Do you think your company has outgrown its current PEO relationship?
  • Are any line items in the bill you receive from your PEO confusing or unclear?
  • Has your company been growing significantly recently or may do so in the future?

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about PEOs or have a specific PEO scenario in development, reach out to your sales enablement rep or sales manager.

Additional Contacts


Kyle Salisbury

Practice Leader