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Helping you and your family reach and maintain good health is very important to Mission Point Healthcare. Mission Point Healthcare is pleased to offer a selection of benefits designed with your health and financial wellbeing in mind. We review our benefit programs each year to ensure we consider the best combination of benefit coverage, network access and affordability for employees.

You are eligible to participate if you are full-time and work a of 30 hours per week for medical and 40 hours per week for dental, vision, life, and disability. When you enroll in the benefits program, you may also cover your eligible dependents. Dependents include your legal spouse and children. Children eligibility is as follows -

  • Medical & Dental: End of the month the child turns 26
  • Vision: End of the month the child turns 26
  • Life: Age 19 or 23 if full time student

The Benefit choices you make during your open enrollment remain in effect for the entire year. You can, however, modify your elections under certain circumstances, called "Qualifying Events" These are events such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, loss of eligibility under another plan. If you experience a qualifying event, you may make changes to your benefits within 30 days of the event.

Contact Human Resources if you have questions about qualifying events.

Contact Us

As you consider your benefit options, please be sure to review all available information: Employee Benefits Guide, Payor portal, and other videos and flyers found on this webpage. If you don't understand your benefits or need any assistance, please contact the HR team.