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Mennel Milling cares about your financial wellness and offers a robust 401(k) Plan to help ensure that its employees are prepared for retirement. This website will provide all of the details you'll need to know about how to enroll in your Plan, change your contributions, change your investment selections, elect your beneficiaries, and so much more.

NFP is the Investment Advisor for the Mennel Milling Plan and we are available to the Mennel Milling Participants to help with enrollment, contribution elections, Roth v pre-tax determination, investment selection, financial planning, and more.

Plan Custodian

Fidelity Investments

You have access to your 401(k) account through the Fidelity website where you can view your account, change your investment options or manage your beneficiary election. 

  • You can also talk to a Fidelity Representative at 866-711-0352.

Automatic Enrollment

You will be automatically enrolled in the Plan at 3% once Eligible.
  • Once you have been employed for 6 months you will be automatically enrolled in the Plan at 3% unless you opt out.

Contact Us

Call the Employee Benefits Center weekdays at XXX-XXX-XXXX