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Open enrollment is your opportunity to learn about the 2022 Benefits, review your current coverage and choose the best options for you and your family.

You should carefully consider your Open Enrollment decisions because your elections remain in effect for the entire plan year (January 1, 2022 through December 31, 2022). After you enroll, the only time that you can make changes to your benefits program during the plan year is if you experience a qualifying life event.

This open enrollment will be a passive open enrollment. If you are fine keeping your benefit enrollments as is, there is no action required, except for FSA enrollments! Please review our 2022 Guidebook and watch the educational session to learn more about our 2022 benefits offerings.

Click Here to view the webinar educational session.

Enter the Passcode: 5QBhWQ$8 

Open Enrollment Webinar Slide Deck

Open Enrollment Webinar Slide Deck

Benefits Overview

The ADP Portal will once again be used to make your elections. Below highlights the benefits for the upcoming plan year.


Lenape Valley Foundation will continue to offer medical benefits through IBC. There will be no changes to the plans designs. Although Lenape Valley Foundation received a 7% premium increase, the agency will be absorbing the entire increase, so there will be no increase to staff’s contributions, except staff earning $59,999.99 or less. Those earning $59,999.99 or less will be issued a $20 per pay subsidy toward their medical premium!


Lenape Valley Foundation will continue to offer the Premier Plus PPO dental plan with an enhancement through Delta Dental. Delta Dental will be paying claims at the 90th percentile level of usual and customary. Which means that they will reimburse based on what 9 out of 10 dentists charge. This is significantly higher than the Maximum Allowable Charge which is currently in place, that pays around 60th percentile.  Lenape Valley Foundation is absorbing the entire increase for this plan enhancement; therefore there will be NO increase to your contributions for dental.


Lenape Valley Foundation will continue to offer the vision plan through Vison Benefits of America (VBA). No changes have been made to the benefits or to the contributions for this plan.


Please keep in mind, FSA Accounts have a “use it or lose it” rule, minus the rollover for the Health Care FSA. Therefore, you must predict your 2022 spending when electing this benefit. You cannot change it during the year once elected. Careful planning is required!

Health Care FSA

o   The FSA maximum deferral for is $2,850 for 2022.

o   You may rollover up to $570 of your Health Care FSA into the 2023 plan year.

Dependent Care

o   Maximum deferral will remain at $5,000 per year.


Lincoln Financial Group will continue to be our carrier for Group Life/AD&D, Supplemental Life, Short and Long Term Disability. 

  • Lenape Valley Foundation will continue to pay for Group Life and Long Term Disability for all benefit eligible staff.
  • Costs for the Voluntary Life/AD&D will remain the same. However, if you aged into the next age bracket this past year, your cost will increase effective January 1, 2022 at the new age bracket rates.
  • Costs for the Voluntary Short Term Disability will remain the same; however, if you aged into the next age bracket this past year, your cost will change (increase or decrease depending upon the age bracket) effective January 1, 2022.


Critical Illness, Accident, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance will continue to be available on a voluntary basis through Aflac. There is no change to the plans or cost.


Pet Insurance through Nationwide is available to all staff at discounted rates! Enroll directly through Nationwide and the benefit will be payroll deducted! See the Benefits Guidebook for details.


Peanut Butter can help staff tackle student debt. The student loan assistance program includes:

·        Curated advice and insights to help you restructure your loans and save money

·        Access to a refinancing marketplace designed to get you the best terms possible

·        Free and paid counseling services when you need to phone a friend


A waiver credit is available for those who do not enroll in Lenape Valley Foundation’s medical program. The credit will remain at $100 per month ($46.15 per pay), prorated for benefits eligible employees working between 30 and 37.5 hours per week.


As previously communicated, employees who participate in the LVF medical program AND continue to use tobacco products will pay an additional $40.00 per month ($18.46 per pay). All employees participating in the LVF medical program in 2022 will be required to complete an affidavit regarding status of using (or not using) tobacco products.


Lenape Valley Foundation is committed to the health and well-being of its staff. We are pleased to announce that we will be reinstating the biometric screening event, which when you participate, provides an opportunity to learn about potential health risks, and avoid an increase in your per pay contributions to the medical plan. More details are forthcoming.

How To Enroll

Since this is a passive open enrollment, if you are fine keeping your benefit enrollments as is, there is no action required, except for FSA enrollments!

Contact Us

If you need to ask any questions about your benefits or need any assistance, please contact:

Andrew Sedall: 267-893-5287

Traci Gorman: 267-893-5288

NFP’s Benefits Support Team: 855-287-2202 or BenefitsSupportTeamCSMidAtlantic@nfp.com

Please direct all ADP questions to Andrew.