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For 2021 – 2022 benefits, annual enrollment will be held February 1st through February 12th. As a benefits-eligible employee, you have the opportunity to enroll in or make changes to your benefit plans during our annual enrollment. Eligible benefit elections are effective March 1, 2021 for Medical and May 1, 2021 for Dental, Voluntary Life and Voluntary Short Term Disability. 

Please review our 2021 Benefits Guide and attend our upcoming education session to learn more about our 2021 benefits offerings

Benefits Guide

Benefits Guide

Benefits Overview

At Kolb Electric, we appreciate your commitment and contributions to our company’s success. Each year, we strive to offer benefits plans to our employees that not only reward you for your hard work, but offer you and your family comprehensive, affordable healthcare and wellness protection. We are confident that you will find our 2021-2022 benefits offerings to be of excellent value to you and to your dependents.

How To Enroll

Kolb Electric’s 2021 annual enrollment for medical will be “carried over” from 2020. You must complete an enrollment form if you would like to make any changes. If you do not actively complete an enrollment form, you will automatically be enrolled in the mapped plan. Annual enrollment is a once-a-year opportunity for benefits-eligible employees to enroll or make changes to: Medical benefits, Dental benefits, Voluntary Life & Short Term Disability. 

Cigna Enrollment

Cigna Enrollment

Lincoln Enrollment

Lincoln Enrollment

Contact Us

If you still have questions after reviewing all of the benefit materials provided, please reach out to one of the contacts listed for further assistance.

Client Contacts


Brandy Edwards


Additional Contacts


Cigna Member Services



Lincoln Financial Group

1 (877) 275-5462