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The 2021 Open Enrollment period begins Monday, November 2nd and ends on Friday, November 13th. This is the one time during the year to review your personal situation and determine whether to make changes to your current elections. You may also use this opportunity to enroll yourself and/or dependents if you waived coverage in the past. Outside of this enrollment period, you may only make benefit changes if you experience a qualified life event (e.g., birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, loss of spouse/partner health coverage). Elections for 2021 can be made online via Workday.

Open Enrollment Webcast: 

The Zoom recorded webcast can be accessed by clicking the link below:

2021 KKR Open Enrollment Presentation 

Password: KKROE2021!

Be sure to watch the 2021 Open Enrollment webcast to learn about the changes and benefit options available to you and your family for the 2021 calendar year. 

Benefits Overview

How To Enroll

Your 2021 benefit elections can be made online via Workday.


Internally: From the Workday link on KKR Central, under the KKR HR policies and Programs tab (bottom right of your screen)

From Home: http://workday.kkr.com

On the Go: Download the Workday mobile app to your smartphone and/or tablet. Go to KKR Central, for more detailed instructions.


1. Log in to Workday

2. Click on the Workday Inbox on the top right

3. Click on the Open Enrollment Change item

4. Follow the Enrollment Steps/Screens to make any changes.

Workday will give you a summary of your elected benefits and calculate your semi-monthly contributions. If you need assistance, click here to view Workday Open Enrollment benefit elections instructions.

IMPORTANT: You must click "Submit" for your elections to be recorded.

Contact Us

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Lisa Negron at 646-354-3969 or at lisa.negron@kkr.com