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    1. The Best of Jay Auto Group!
    2. How to Enroll for benefits
    3. Medical Benefits Overview
    4. Dental Benefits Overview
    5. Vision Benefits Overview
    6. Basic Life, Accident & Critical Illness Overview
    7. Voluntary Accident
    8. Critical Illness
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The Best of Jay Auto Group!


How to Enroll for benefits

Enroll with Ease

1.You will receive an Email with a link to Ease. Click the blue “login” button with the email message to be directed to the enrollment portal.

2.Enter your User ID and password

1.If you do not remember your User ID and Password please contact Kelli Krise with NFP at kelli.krise@nfp.com.

3.Follow instructions and enroll in your benefits

4.Make sure to sign your forms, save your elections and print your confirmation statement.

If you need help or have any questions please reach out to Kelli Krise at NFP


Click the blue ease square below!


Medical Benefits Overview

Medical Mutual
Medical Benefits with Medical Mutual

Jay Auto Group offers 3 medical plans through Medical Mutual.

With 3 plan options from Medical Mutual their is something for everyone.

Medical/RX: Provided through Medical Mutual - 3 Plans

Plan 1 - $3,000 H.S.A.:

 Single Deductible $3,000

Family Deductible $6,000

Plan 2 - $3,000 PPO

 Single Deductible $3,000

Family Deductible $6,000

Plan 3 - $5,000 PPO:

 Single Deductible $5,000

Family Deductible $10,000

For More plan details please look at the employee benefit guide

Dental Benefits Overview


Dental Benefits with Guardian

Group # 00512393

Jay Auto Group offers one plan for dental through Guardian.


Single- $50

Family- $100

Preventive Service is covered at 100% - Basic Service is covered at 85% - Major Service is covered at 50%

Dental Image

Basic Life, Accident & Critical Illness Overview


Jay Auto offers employees

Give your loved ones and yourself the peace of mind with voluntary plans with Guardian

Basic Life, Accidental & Critical Illness with Guardian

For more information please see the employee benefit guide and check out the short videos below !

Accident and Life

Voluntary Accident

Accident Coverage

Guardian Accident Plan

Accident Coverage

Guardian Accident Plan

With Guardian

Voluntary Accident with Guardian gives you and your family the peace of mind knowing your are protected. Check out this great video to see all it has to offer!

Critical Illness

with Guardian

With Critical Illness coverage from Guardian, you can rest easy knowing you have the coverage that is best for you! Check out this video for more information.

What is Critical Illness Coverage

Guardian Critical Illness

What is Critical Illness Coverage

Guardian Critical Illness

Medical Mutual Benefits Extra

Telehealth Service

  • on-demand visit from the comfort of your home
  • 24/7 access by web or app

Medical Mutual Wellness Program

  • WW Discount program
  • QuitLine Tobacco Cessation
  • Fitness Discount

To see more detail check out your Employee Benefit Guide or HR

Contact Us

Human Resource Department

Client Contacts


Jillian Swaninger


(440) 232-5000