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For over 60 years, the IBA Group Insurance Trust has supported Indiana banks and financial institutions with an employee benefits program. By pooling resources, the Trust gives standalone Indiana banks the size and scope of their larger national peers to deliver best in class benefits at a sustainable price. Since 2004, the Trust has returned over $14 million dollars back to Trust members in the form of dividends or premium reductions.

Medical & Rx

The Trustees of the IBA Group Insurance Trust are committed to providing high quality employee benefits to Trust members. The Trustees are committed to helping banks control costs by aggregating the collective purchasing power of its participating employers.

The Trustees work with trusted professionals at NFP, UnitedHealthcare and Express Scripts to provide Trust members with the following benefits:

  • Access to the nation’s largest provider network, offering seamless healthcare access within Indiana and nationwide
  • Aggregated prescription drug program that generates discounts and rebates for the Trust which are utilized to control future cost increases
  • Strategic direction to control present and future healthcare costs for Trust members.

IBAGIT Member Flyer

IBAGIT Member Flyer

Dental Insurance

Welcome to Delta Dental

Welcome to Delta Dental

The Trustees selected Delta Dental to serve as the dental insurance carrier for Trust members.

Delta Dental provides the advantages of two of the nation’s largest networks of participating dentists—the Delta Dental PPO network and the Delta Dental Premier® network. With your Delta Dental PPO (Point-of-Service) plan, you may save more money and receive higher levels of coverage when visiting a Delta Dental PPO dentist. The PPO dentists have agreed to accept lower fees as full payment for covered services. However, if you go to a dentist who doesn’t participate in Delta Dental PPO, you can still save money if your dentist participates in Delta Dental Premier.

Vision Insurance

The IBA Group Insurance Trust provides vision coverage through United Healthcare. The UHC vision program offers affordable benefits, a broad and diverse provider network, and freedom of choice on eyewear.

  • Clear Benefits and Value - UHC provides a clear description of the vision plan benefits and value so you can make informed decisions about you and your family’s eye health.
  • Provider Access and Choice - By offering both private practice and retail store providers across the country, you choose the eye doctor who meets your lifestyle, eye care and eye wear needs. 
  • Excellent care – Quality of your eye care is directed by UHC's Chief Eye Care Officer.
  • Eye Wear Choice and Value – UHC's frame allowance enables you to choose any frame with your preferred style within plan allowance at network providers. “Price protection” is offered on popular upgrades such as progressive, anti-reflective or photo-chromic lenses.
  • Convenient Customer Service – UHC provides you with website tools and a superior customer service team available when you need assistance 

Your vision plan provides you with:

  • Eye exams
  • Complete set of eyeglasses or contacts (check plan for details)
  • A national eye care network including both retail and private practice locations
  • As a member you also have access to:
  • 20% to 40% discount on popular lens options (like progressives and tints)
  • Discounts on extra pairs of eyewear
  • Discounts on laser vision correction
  • Preferred pricing on premium hearing aids
Welcome to UHC Vision

Welcome to UHC Vision

Warby Parker Frames

Warby Parker Frames

Ancillary Lines of Coverage (Life, Disability, & Worksite)

Reliance Standard provides Trust members with industry leading protection for life, disability, and supplemental health products. New clients to the IBA Group Insurance Trust Life & Disability program will receive guaranteed packaged savings with our Enhanced voluntary life, accident, and critical illness offering.

Enhancements include:

  • Higher guarantee issue amounts for employees and spouses
  • Valuable Extended Disability Provisions
  • Industry Leading EAP Program
  • ID Theft Recovery
  • 24-Hour Travel Assistance
  • Extended Rate Guarantees
Reliance Standard IBA Trust Enhanced Offerings

Reliance Standard IBA Trust Enhanced Offerings


Rx Solutions Specialty Copay Assistance Program

Utilizing NFP Rx Solutions, Trust members have direct access to specialty copay savings programs to assist in reducing the rising cost of new and emerging drugs. With a team of clinical pharmacists, NFP's specialty management solutions leverage advanced data tools and clinical expertise to control the Trust's specialty pharmacy spend. NFP's proprietary platform objectively monitors utilization, prior authorizations, and potential drug interactions to produce the best possible outcomes for our plan members.

Delivering Lower Cost Specialty Pricing

Who Wins: Both the plan member and the plan

Who Pays: The drug manufacturer

Who Manages: A clinical pharmacist in coordination with the pharmacy benefits manager.

Omada Health

Omada is a personalized program designed to help you reach your health goals. Omada combines real human support with the latest technology so you can make the changes that matter most- whether that's around eating, activity, sleep, or stress. It's an approach shown to help you lose weight and reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Omada for IBA Trust Overview

Omada for IBA Trust Overview

People EQ Wellbeing & Engagement Platform

One of the biggest challenges plaguing HR departments today is delivering an economical, comprehensive, total engagement solution. Just 32 percent of US workers are engaged in their jobs and only 19 percent are considered thriving in four out of five areas of their lives. Engagement and well-being are keys to employee performance and productivity. To complicate matters further, employees often report not knowing, understanding or valuing their total rewards package offered. Only 36 percent of employees report reading all benefit communications. And one in five (20 percent) admit they often skip benefits meetings or presentations, don’t read communications that come in the mail, or file or throw away the information they receive without reading it. The PeopleEQ Platform addresses these challenges for Trust members by strategically combining an employer benefits and communication hub, employee resources dashboard, and lifestyle well-being programs into a cost-effective, comprehensive and engaging platform. This allows your employees to get the most out of your benefits offerings and live their best life at work.

Comprehensive Benefits Hub

  • At-a-glance access for all your employee benefit offerings.
  • Highlight the key programs in your benefit plan (Tele-med, 401k, etc.).
  • All benefit contact information available in one convenient location.

Employee Resource Dashboard

  • Provides high visibility for employees to view HR guides. 
  • Internal training documents
  • Option to include forms and other important documents (SBCs, Beneficiary forms, etc)

Financial Well-Being

  • Our stressometer measures your financial stress in 14 categories.
  • Award winning financial content.
  • Contest that you can win by managing your money.

Lifestyle Well-Being

  • Increase engagement with fun challenges in Activity, Nutrition, Weight, and Mindfulness.
  • Device integration, leaderboards, and steps tracking.
  • Fresh well-being content to keep employees engaged and motivated.
PeopleEQ Wellness Challenges

PeopleEQ Wellness Challenges

PeopleEQ Know Your Numbers

PeopleEQ Know Your Numbers


Benefitsolver Technology

To support its member banks, the IBA Group Insurance Trust provides all of the following administration services as part of its standard service offering:

Benefitsolver Technology

  • Member eligibility/enrollment management software
  • COBRA Administration
  • 5500 Filing
  • ACA Reporting

Benefits Compliance

While the need for effective and proactive compliance support was significant prior to 2010, the level of support an employer requires has and will grow exponentially over the next decade as a result of continued healthcare reform. This is an area in which the Trust takes very seriously and has the capability of handling unique benefits compliance challenges. 

NFP's dedicated team of in-house compliance specialists aggregate, interpret, disseminate, and provide specific action steps for relevant legislation. NFP's compliance team is well versed in a variety of benefits compliance topics, including ACA, FFCRA, HIPAA, COBRA, etc. NFP will provide all IBA Group Insurance Trust members with ad-hoc industry update notices and newsletters when significant events take place. 


UnitedHealthcare creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of the IBA Group Insurance Trust

To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please visit the URL provided: transparency-in-coverage.uhc.com


Ms. Lisa Arnold President and CEO - Home Bank

Mr. Robert Blume President and CEO - Community First Bank of Indiana

Mr. David Findlay President and CEO - Lake City Bank (Board President)

Mr. Matt Howrey President and CEO - North Salem State Bank

Mr. Mike Mellon President and CEO - American Community Bank

Ms. Shane Pilarski President and CEO - Alliance Bank

Ms. Amber Van Til President and CEO - Indiana Banker's Association


To learn more about joining the IBA Group Insurance Trust, contact Shawn M. Norris, RHU, ChHC at shawn.norris@nfp.com or 812-422-4000.

The IBA Group Insurance Trust is a multiple employer welfare arrangement. The multiple employer welfare arrangement may not be subject to all of the insurance laws and regulations of Indiana. State insurance guaranty funds are not available for the IBA Group Insurance Trust.

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