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As an new hire, you now have an opportunity to enroll in benefits offered to you by Everbrite. We've included the following items here to help educate you on your options and select the benefits that best meet your needs:

  • 2021 Everbrite Enrollment Guide
  • New Hire benefit presentation

Benefits Overview

  • Read about your 2021 Everbrite benefit options
  • Review all your benefits plans, options, and rates for 2021
  • Watch this short video to learn more about your 2021 benefit options
Everbrite Corporate Benefit Guide

Everbrite Corporate Benefit Guide

Everbrite Corporate New Hire Presentation

Everbrite Corporate New Hire Presentation

How To Enroll

Action Required

To enroll in your benefits, please return all necessary forms by the date indicated in your enrollment packet. This will ensure that you are enrolled in a timely manner, based on your benefit effective date. As a reminder, forms must be completed and returned to HR, even if you are waiving benefits.

Contact Us

For questions regarding your benefits, please contact:

Lioska Mendoza


Phone: 414-529-7185