Annual Enrollment

The 2022 Open Enrollment period begins Monday December 13th and ends on Sunday January 2nd. This is the one time during the year to review your personal situation and determine whether to make changes to your current elections. You may also use this opportunity to enroll yourself and/or dependents if you waived coverage in the past. Outside of this enrollment period, you may only make benefit changes if you experience a qualified life event (e.g., birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, loss of spouse/partner health coverage). Elections for 2022 can be made online via Ease Enrollment portal, our new online enrollment tool.

Open Enrollment Webinars: 

We encourage you to join one of the four live webinars as scheduled below. Note, one session will be recorded and distributed.

Date: Monday December 13th

Time: 4pm ET (1pm PT/3pm CT)

Dial in by Phone: 1-646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 934 2395 9643) (Webinar Password: 645900)

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Date: Tuesday December 14th

Time: 9am ET (6am PT/8am CT)

Dial in by Phone: 1-646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 970 9238 2542) (Webinar Password: 442534)

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Date: Friday December 17th

Time: 2pm ET (11am PT/1pm CT)

Dial in by Phone: 1-646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 956 3067 1868) (Webinar Password: 372709)

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Date: Monday December 20th

Time: 1pm ET (10am PT/12pm CT)

Dial in by Phone: 1-646-876-9923 (Meeting ID: 983 8417 1286) (Webinar Password: 191179)

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Recorded Open Enrollment Session

Getaway OE Webinar Recording

Password: Getaway1214

Benefits Overview


United Healthcare (UHC) is the NEW Vendor for the Medical Program

UHC Medical

  • Choice Plus Network
  • Three plans to choose from (2 PPO Plans and 1 High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP))
  • 3-Tier Prescription drug coverage
  • Prescription Drug Coverage and Preferred Drug List – with a large national network of chains, independent retail pharmacies and home delivery, and online tools to help you compare and save
  • Health and Wellness Resources – online and telephonic resources to help you get, and stay healthy
  • Customer Service – you can contact UHC by phone (866-414-1959), online at, or via Facebook and Twitter whenever you need assistance

Maximize Your Medical Benefits – Things to Consider

Keep Your In-Network Benefits. Most of your current providers are in the UHC Choice Plus Network. 

  • If your current provider participates in the Choice Plus Network, make sure your provider has a copy of your new ID card, so your claims will be sent to UHC.
  • If your current provider does not participate in the Choice Plus Network, your expenses will be covered at the out-of-network benefit level, or not at all if you enroll in the HDHP HSA Plan

Continue Your Medical Care if Your Provider is NOT in the Choice Plus Network

  • If you are currently receiving medical care from a provider in the Aetna network and:
  • Have an acute medical condition, such as a recent surgery requiring follow up care, cancer in the midst of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, or you are in your second or third trimester of pregnancy, AND
  • Your physician, hospital or other provider does NOT participate in the UHC Choice Plus Network,
  • Then you may apply for transition benefits by submitting a completed Transition of Care form (included below) to UHC by February 28, 2022. If approved, the Plan will cover your treatment, surgery or pregnancy at the in-network level for a timeframe approved by UHC.

How to Search for an In-Network Provider

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Find a Provider”
  3. Select the type of provider you are looking for
  4. Click on "Employer and Individual Plans"
  5. Click on "Shopping Around"
  6. Click on the Choice Plus Network
  7. You can then either enter your provider name and search, or click on the provider type by the categories listed

Guardian will continue to administer the Dental Plan



  • DPPO Network
  • High and Low Plan Options
  • Annual preventative services covered at 100%, both in and out of network, not subject to the annual deductible
  • Rollover benefit included

Guardian is the NEW Vendor for the Vision, Life and Disability, Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Programs

Vision coverage will be administered by Guardian, and will utilize the Davis Vision network, with higher maximums for frames and lenses. 

Basic Life AD&D

We will now be offering all employees a $50,000 Life and AD&D benefit, at no cost to you. 

Short Term Disability (STD)

We will now be offering a STD plan to all employees, at no cost to you.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

LTD will be offered on a Voluntary basis, and employees who elect will be eligible for the following benefits:

After being continuously disabled for 180 days, the plan will pay 60% of your monthly earnings up to a maximum benefit of $10,000. The benefit will continue to be paid until you are no longer disabled, or reach normal social security normal retirement age.

MetLife is the NEW Vendor for the Legal Plan

Allstate is the NEW Vendor for the ID Theft Plan

Details regarding the Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital, Legal and ID Theft plans are available in the Enrollment Guide.

How To Enroll

How to Enroll for the 2022 Plan Year
  • You should have received an email with instructions on how to register on the Ease Enrollment portal
  • Once registered, visit Ease Enrollment Portal to enroll and make your elections for 2022.
  • All elections must be made by January 2, 2022, elections will not rollover from 2021
  • HDHP HSA Plan Members, decide if you want to make a contribution to your Health Savings Account.

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