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Annual Enrollment

This year will be a passive enrollment. If you want to make changes, you must make an election in UKG between November 6th and November 20th. If you are currently enrolled in benefits and you don't make new elections, YOUR CURRENT COVERAGE WILL ROLL OVER.

The 2024 Open Enrollment period begins Monday November 6th and ends on Monday November 20th at 11:59 pm EST. This is the one time during the year to review your personal situation and determine whether to make changes to your current elections. You may also use this opportunity to enroll yourself and/or dependents if you waived coverage in the past. Outside of this enrollment period, you may only make benefit changes if you experience a qualified life event (e.g., birth, adoption, marriage, divorce, loss of spouse/partner health coverage). Elections for 2024 must be made online in the UKG portal.

Open Enrollment Webinars: 

We encourage you to listen to the pre-recorded webinar below.

The password is: YJgZQP5a2kwQ

Benefits Guide


Benefits Guide


Benefits Overview


United Healthcare (UHC) is our vendor for the Medical Program

UHC Medical

  • Your Health Savings Account is a triple-tax advantaged account: contributions go in pre-tax, investments and interest accumulate tax-free, and disbursements used for qualified medical expenses are not considered taxable income!
  • Your HSA is yours to keep! Dollars deposited are yours immediately, and you take your HSA with you if you leave Getaway or switch plans. However, you must stop contributing to an HSA if you are not enrolled in a qualified High Deductible Health Plan.
  • The 2024 maximum for an employee only tier is $4,150. You may contribute up to $3,400 after Getaway's contribution.
  • The 2024 maximum for all other tiers is $8,300. You may contribute up to $6,800 after Getaway's contribution.
  • There are no benefit changes to the underlying plans.
  • Travel & Lodging: UHC will reimburse certain travel and lodging expenses for you to travel at least 50 miles from your residence to another state to access covered services when access to covered services is not available to you due to a law or regulation in the state where you reside unless such reimbursement is prohibited by law. This program provides an allowance for incurred reasonable travel and lodging expenses only and is independent of any existing medical coverage available for the covered person. Lodging expenses are limited to $50 per night for you, or $100 per night if you are traveling with a companion.
  • Choice Plus Network
  • Three plans to choose from (2 PPO Plans and 1 High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP))
  • 3-Tier Prescription drug coverage
  • Prescription Drug Coverage and Preferred Drug List – with a large national network of chains, independent retail pharmacies and home delivery, and online tools to help you compare and save
  • Health and Wellness Resources – online and telephonic resources to help you get, and stay healthy
  • Customer Service – you can contact UHC by phone (866-414-1959), online at, or via Facebook and Twitter whenever you need assistance
  • In addition, for a full list of uniform modification plan changes effective 1/1/2024, please refer to the Uniform Modification document located in Additional Resources.

How to Search for an In-Network Provider

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Find a Provider”
  3. Select the type of provider you are looking for
  4. Click on "Employer and Individual Plans"
  5. Click on "Shopping Around"
  6. Click on the Choice Plus Network
  7. You can then either enter your provider name and search, or click on the provider type by the categories listed

Guardian will continue to administer the Dental Plan

Dental DPPO - High and Low Plans

  • DPPO Network
  • Annual preventative services covered at 100%, both in and out of network, not subject to the annual deductible
  • Rollover benefit included

Guardian is our vendor for the Vision, Life and Disability, Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Programs

Vision coverage will be administered by Guardian, and will utilize the Davis Vision network. 

Basic Life AD&D

We will continue to provide all employees a $50,000 Life and AD&D benefit, at no cost to you. 

Short Term Disability (STD)

We will continue to provide a STD plan to all employees, at no cost to you.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

LTD will be offered on a Voluntary basis, and employees who elect will be eligible for the following benefits:

  • After being continuously disabled for 180 days, the plan will pay 60% of your monthly earnings up to a maximum benefit of $10,000. The benefit will continue to be paid until you are no longer disabled, or reach normal social security normal retirement age.

MetLife is our vendor for the Legal Plan

Allstate is our vendor for the ID Theft Plan

Details regarding the Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital, Legal and ID Theft plans are available in the Benefits Guide.

How To Enroll

How to Enroll for the Upcoming Plan Year
  • Follow the link below to get started. Once you log into the UKG portal, navigate to Menu, select Myself, then select Open Enrollment.
  • Complete each step in your Open Enrollment. Make sure to actively elect or wave each benefit.
  • All elections must be made by 11:59 PM EST on November 20, 2023.
  • HDHP HSA Plan Members, decide if you want to make a contribution to your Health Savings Account.

UHC Value Add Programs

Through your UnitedHealthcare medical benefits you have access to various programs to help you throughout the year. Check the Additional Resources section for flyers on each program.

Virtual Care

With 24/7 Virtual Visits, members can connect to a doctor by phone or video through or the UnitedHealthcare app.

  • Doctors can treat a wide range of health conditions - including many of the same conditions as an emergency room (ER) or urgent care - and may even prescribe medications. Member cost share is usually $49 or less.
  • Common conditions include allergies, bronchitis, flu, eye infections, headaches/migraines, rashses, sore throats, stomachaches, and more.

Virtual Primary Care is also available!

  • Members can develop a relationship with a virtual provider they will see on an ongoing basis. When needed, in-person care will be recommended, such as labs, imaging, specialist visits, and more.
  • Members can visit their virtual primary care provider for preventive visits, follow-up visits, checkups for ongoing conditions like asthma, diabetes, and more.

Fitness Reimbursement

When you're enrolled with UHC, you are eligible to apply for fitness reimbursement by submitting a form to UHC.

  • Members are eligible for reimbursement up to the lesser of $200 for a subscriber or $100 for a spouse/domestic partner.
  • You must record 50 fitness facility visits and/or classes in a 6-month period.

Maternity Support

Whether you're thinking about having a baby or have one on the way, maternity support is here to provide information and support through pregnancy and postpartum.

  • UHC provides access to online resources for every stage of the pregnancy journey. Resources are available to stream anytime, 24/7. Whatever your journey, maternity support is here to help – and it’s available to you at no additional cost as part of your plan benefits.

UHC covers the purchase of personal double-electric breast pumps. Members may purchase breast-pumps without cost-share by contacting a network doctor or approved breast pump supplier up to 30 days before their delivery date or 365 after their delivery date. No prescription is required.

UHC also offers several Behavioral Health resources.

PsychHub provides short videos including personal stories from members with conditions from panic disorder, suicidal ideation, and sleep difficulties to excess drinking/consumption.

Sanvello is an app that provides clinical techniques to dial down the symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Sanvello is available to members and their covered dependents age 13 and over at no cost.

  • Features include daily mood tracking, meditation tools, guided journeys, personalized progresss, and community support.
  • Members can upgrade to Premium at no extra cost by creating an account and choosing "Upgrade through insurance" and then selecting UnitedHealthcare and entering the information on their UHC ID card.

Virtual Therapy offers confidential counseling from the comfort and privacy of home.

  • Private video sessions: 1-on-1 support at a time and place that is convenient.
  • Help with coping - for children, teens, and adults. A licensed therapist may provide a diagnosis, treatment, and medication if needed.
  • Consistent care with high standards - members can see the same therapist with each appointment and establish an ongoing relationship.

UnitedHealthcare Rewards

You can choose activities to complete that interest you the most. Activities include:

  • Connect a tracker in the UHC app
  • Complete daily fitness goals (ex. steps per day)
  • Track sleep for 14 nights
  • Get a biometric screening, flu shot, and/or annual checkup
  • And more!

Redeem rewards in the form of:

  • A digital Visa gift card
  • HSA deposit
  • Purchase a tracker through UHC Rewards

You can use your rewards to purchase an Apple Watch by either purchasing the watch with rewards already earned, or enrollling in the Earn It Off option, where there is a low or $0 upfront cost and the balance is paid with rewards earned over the following 12 months.


  • Getaway also offers InsurChoice which gives the ability to personalize your own protection program with a variety of insurance products and carriers such as pet insurance, renters insurance, home warranty, and travelers protection. Check out the Getaway Full Time Employee Marketplace for additional information, discounts, and cost-savings.
  • Anything purchased through the marketplace is direct-to-consumer, so premiums would be paid from the employee to the vendor.
  • Employees can extend the offerings to family members as well, and all will receive the cost-savings and discounted premiums that are built into each program.

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