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Your Retirement Plan Advisors


NFP is the Investment Advisor for your company sponsored retirement plan and we can

help you with all of your retirement planning goals.

Plan Overview – How to get enrolled, change your contributions, access your account online,

overview of the plan features.

Retirement Planning – Determine how much you need to retire, calculate if you are on track, discuss

how to make changes to meet your goals.

Investment Advice – Risk tolerance assessment, review your current investments, provide investment

advice and customize a plan for you.

Consolidating – Review of all your retirement accounts (IRA’s, prior employer retirement plans),

provide rollover assistance & consolidation.

Budgeting – Create a plan that works for you, determine what debt to pay down first, review and

assist with outstanding student loans.

Financial Solutions – Estate planning, IRA’s, life insurance, annuities, 529 college planning.

Your Retirement Plan


Plan Eligibility – You will be eligible to participate in the Plan when you have completed 3 months of service.

Traditional & Roth Contribution: You can contribute to your retirement plan as a Traditional pre-tax contribution or as a Roth after-tax contribution, or a combination of both. 

Investments: You have a variety of investment choices within your 401(k) Plan. You will be auto enrolled into a Target Date Fund that aligns with your retirement age (with an assumption of 65 years old). You can re-direct those investments to any investment option offered within the Plan.  Your investment options are listed on your Paychex participant portal.

Plan Custodian

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Your 401(k) account is administered by Paychex.

You can access your account by visiting the Paychex site, or by calling Paychex participant services at 833-299-0168. You can access the Paychex site for the following services:

  • Enrollment and Contribution Changes: Get started in the plan, or make changes to the amount that comes out of your paycheck.
  • Balance and Investments: You can check your account balance, as well as view and make changes to your investments.
  • Statements and Notices: Your account statements and important plan documents are stored online.
  • Withdrawals: If you need to take money from the plan, you can review your options and submit distribution requests.

To access the Paychex site, go to or click the link below!

How To Enroll


To begin your enrollment online - go to or click on the link below. Click the Login button at the top of the page. On the next screen, hit the blue "Launch Paychex Flex" button. This will open a new window to enter your login credentials. If it is your first time accessing your account, hit the "Sign-up" link, and enter your information to register your account.

Once online to complete your enrollment you will

  • Set your contribution amount. This amount will be taken out of each paycheck and contributed to the account on your behalf. You can always change how much you are contributing to your account.
  • Pre-Tax Contributions will lower your taxable income for the year. When you withdraw your contributions, you will have to pay taxes on your contributions and their earnings.
  • Roth Contributions come out of your paycheck after you pay taxes. As long as it has been 5 years since your first Roth contribution and you take the money out after you turn 59.5, you will get to withdraw all your Roth contributions plus their earnings, tax-free.
  • Set your Investments. If you feel confident, you can pick and choose which funds you want to be invested in. Your plan also offers Target Date Funds, which will automatically invest in stocks and bonds for you, based on the year you are expecting to retire.

If you have any questions, or need help with the enrollment process, do not hesitate to contact your NFP advisors!

Contact Us

Questions? Contact your NFP Advisors below!

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