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Open Enrollment

It’s time to update your benefit elections during The Domain Companies' annual open enrollment!


Annual open enrollment is your opportunity to learn about the benefits offered by The Domain Companies, review your current coverages and choose the best options for you and your family. Please review our 2022-2023 Employee Benefits Guide to learn more about our benefits offerings.

How To Enroll

All employees MUST log into Proliant to complete your enrollment. You will be able to access the Benefits Module directly from the Proliant Employee Self Service portal by clicking on the Benefits tab. You will not need a separate User ID or password when accessing the module via the Proliant Employee Self Service Portal. Once you reach the Home Page, please click Start Your Enrollment.

2022 Benefits

All – we made some minor plan design changes to help offset the premium increases we faced this year. We are also changing the frequency of premium deductions to 24 for biweekly employees and 48 for weekly employees annually. Everyone must complete open enrollment, even if they do not wish to change their plans. Please review the materials provided and let your P&C partner know if you have any questions.

2022-2023 Employee Benefits Guide

2022-2023 Employee Benefits Guide

Contact Us

Call the Enrollment Call Center weekdays at 1-800-563-3650.

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