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Introducing NFP's Transparent Pricing and Network Analysis (TPNet) Tool

Transparency in Healthcare Costs 

Under the regulatory oversight of the Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), hospitals, carriers and payers are required to make their pricing for healthcare services public. With this data, NFP consultants can now perform an independently verified network analysis of service and procedure costs across all carriers/payers for the first time. This analysis allows employers to verify price differences across insurance carriers/payers, hospitals and health systems. It further enables employers to drill 

down to individual procedures and services to examine pricing variation across facilities and practitioners. 

For the first time, employers can compare, and contrast negotiated pricing across the universal healthcare landscape. NFP’s TPNet tool can benchmark providers, facilities and carriers/payers to compare your healthcare offering against the best-negotiated plans in the country.


NFP is expanding our partnership with Innovu, a data aggregator and analytics organization, to design a first-of-its-kind, independent, Transparent Pricing & Network Analysis (TPNet) tool. Tools of this type will support next generation medical management strategies and help shape healthcare design and purchasing in the years ahead. 

There are three modules available, the combination of two of the modules is proprietary to NFP. This unique, proprietary offering allows NFP to utilize this new data to benchmark providers, facilities, and carriers and deliver the long-anticipated transparency that employers have been after.

  • Access to procedural code level medical data — gives clients the ability to examine medical and pharmacy procedural code information for specific providers. 
  • Evaluation of claims data based on regional/national networks — gives clients the ability to analyze client-specific medical and pharmacy claims data (de-identified) using a limited claims data set to compare against medical procedural code data. Includes the ability to select network providers in selected areas based on similar or most cost-effective networks (e.g., PPO, EPO, HMO) to reprice limited claims data set.
  • Fully-integrated transparency and data analytics* — This full analytics suite gives clients the ability to analyze client-specific medical and pharmacy claims data using a comprehensive claims data set to compare against medical procedural code data. 

Getting Started

For an initial overview of this new tool, please review our one-pager. Additional one pagers and training material can be found under the TPNet Network Analysis & Claims Repricing folder under View Resources.

All recordings of informational webinars, training videos & materials can be found here, on AcadaMe.

Contact Us

For further questions contact Heidi Cottle, SVP Cost Correction Strategies, at