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About our Ancillary Core Carriers

Over the years, NFP and Benefits Partners have developed strong working relationships with nearly every group benefits carrier in the market. A few select carriers have separated themselves from their peers in this large group of carriers by delivering capabilities and solutions to NFP & Benefits Partners that exceed market norms. We call these companies our Core carriers, a term you may have seen previously. Since it may have been a while, we would like to take a moment to reinforce what it means to be on the NFP/Benefits Partners Core carrier panel. 

Why Core Carriers Are Unique 

Our Core carrier relationships are long-standing with companies we know and trust. Not everyone can be a Core carrier, however. Each panel must demonstrate a strong commitment to clients: 

  • Exceptional service 
  • Competitive rates 
  • Willingness to structure unique plans 
  • Fair and transparent claim resolutions 
  • Access to senior-level leadership 

Our Promise to Core Carriers 

The reason the Core Carrier relationships are successful and thriving can be attributed to the two-way nature of the partnership. Our relationships are so strong because of mutual respect from both parties as we push each other to be better and our shared commitment to putting the client first. For NFP and Benefits Partners, this means our offices will deliver to Core carriers:  

  • Preferred access to a first-class selling organization with knowledgeable, fair, honest consultants 
  • Openness to meet and explore new opportunities with our Core carriers 
  • Consistent effort toward building a strong relationship and not just a one-way source for quoting 
  • Provide critical feedback when needed 

If you have any questions, contact Tom Zimmer.