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The CBS Malpractice Program and Lapre Scali & Company Insurance Services have merged with NFP P&C to create the chiropractic malpractice powerhouse TMS-CBS RPG, LLC. TMS-CBS RPG, LLC is committed to continuing to provide the chiropractic profession with exceptional service, comprehensive coverage and competitive pricing. As we partner with our clients to understand their specific goals and needs, we also call on our NFP partnerships to offer our clients truly holistic planning and broad access to some of the best products and services within the insurance, benefits and wealth management industries

Free Malpractice Quick Quote

Our online intake form streamlines the process of obtaining a professional liability coverage quote. Users can conveniently input their details through this user-friendly platform, ensuring a quick and personalized quote that precisely meets their needs. This efficient approach saves time and enhances accessibility for a seamless experience in acquiring the right coverage.


Professional Liability Coverage Application

Crafted for individuals immersed in full-time professional practice, delivering comprehensive coverage for their specific liabilities. This tailored solution ensures that those engaged in full-time work have access to the comprehensive protection necessary for their professional endeavors.

Requesting Adjusted Rate for Part-Time Practice

Addresses the needs of professionals involved in part-time practice, providing a specialized platform for requesting adjusted rates. Tailored to accommodate the unique circumstances of part-time work commitments, this application streamlines the process, allowing individuals to secure professional liability coverage that aligns precisely with their part-time practice while ensuring a fair and appropriate rate structure.