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Why Benefits Administration

There are so many provider options that choosing can be overwhelming. But we know how to find the one(s) that meets our clients' needs and budget. Whether they want to better leverage their existing solution or find a new one, we’ll provide guidance that can help them feel confident in their decision. Our solution review process is designed to be vendor-agnostic to provide a clear view of the technologies available. NFP offers:

  • Benefits experience hard to find elsewhere
  • A preferred-providers network with well-vetted vendors that lead the way in expertise, technology and support
  • A proprietary decision support tool that makes it easier than ever to pinpoint the ideal provider

Based on our extensive background in human resource and benefits administration systems, our HR Technologies and Benefits Administration Services Team focuses on the key areas

critical to the success of any HRIS / benefits administration solutions selection and implementation.

  • Holistic Audit/Needs Analysis
  • Disciplined RFP Scoring Process to Filter the Results
  • Finalist Selection and Demonstrations
  • Implementation

Benefits Administration Services

  • NFP is a Channel Partner of bswift, which allows us to offer bswift to a broader range of clients that otherwise would not have access
  • Clients can benefit from discounted pricing through the channel partnership
  • Preferred pricing to our owned and member firms
  • Dedicated account teams consisting of:
  • Project Manager: manages all aspects and participants in the implementation and subsequent renewals
  • Implementation Specialist: manages the data gathering and site builds of implementation and subsequent renewals
  • Account Manager: manages the day-to-day service of the clients, from assisting with questions or concerns related to the system or data, to providing the training and education necessary to optimize utilization of the platform
  • EDI team: facilitates Electronic Data Interchange builds and provides ongoing support for those connections

Implementation Made Easier

Identifying the right solution is the critical first step. How to implement it is equally important. Clients can take advantage of our wide variety of implementation models that help make putting new systems into place as painless as possible.

Our in-house team can act as both an advocate and resource network to make sure that clients get exactly what they signed up for and know how to make the most of it.

  • Client relationship manager: Technology specialist in the selection process
  • Project manager: Manages all aspects and participants in the implementation process
  • Implementation specialist: Manages the data gathering and quality process and site builds for specific preferred-vendor relationships
  • Account manager: Manages the day-to-day issues that arise after implementation, including data issues for specific preferred-vendor relationships
  • EDI team: Facilitates EDI builds for specific relationships\

We understand that technology doesn't replace face-to-face communication and intuitive problem-solving: it supports and enables them. We take our clients' solutions, personally.

Call Center

NFP's Benefits Call Center can assist with your clients' employee support needs. Whether throughout the year or just during Open Enrollment – through our dedicated phone number and email address – we can answer and manage questions regarding:

• Login assistance and password reset*

• Enrollment assistance and processing*

• Beneficiary change processing*

• Benefits and eligibility

• General plan information review

• Life event approval and processing*

Connecting with our Call Center also provides:

• Substantial Savings – In cost, time and hassle for HR staff and employees

How It Works:

No employee is a nameless, faceless stranger to us. We utilize the benefits administration system access to quickly identify each person so we can work with them on a first-name basis. We will also utilize our clients' relevant materials, including:

• SPDs and Benefits Summary Guides

• Employee and dependent information

• Company-specific documentation

• Benefit eligibility and costs

We record, document and categorize every call by type and subtype, which makes it easy to review previous calls and history, including notes and recordings. Clients also get complete information in regular reports. This allows them to see the big picture and the smallest details, so they're always informed of what’s trending in their business. Regular reporting enables clients to respond early to potential challenges and to make their people management and communication programs that much better.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact Shannon McCloud.