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Eligibility and Enrollment

How To Enroll In Benefits

Regular full-time employees are eligible to participate in benefits offered by Baker Boy. When you enroll in the benefits program, you may also cover your eligible dependents. Dependents include your legal spouse, child(ren) up to age 26 (regardless of student status, marital status, residence, or financial dependence on you), and an unmarried child incapable of self-support.

The benefits you elect during open enrollment will be effective from January 1, 2023 - December 31, 2023.

The Benefit choices you make during your initial enrollment or annual open enrollment remain in effect for the entire year.

You can, however, modify your elections under certain circumstances, called "Qualifying Events" These are events such as marriage, divorce, birth or adoption of a child, loss of eligibility under another plan. If you experience a qualifying event, you may make changes to your benefits within 30 days of the event or 60 days if the event is due to birth or adoption of a child.

Refer to your Employee Benefits Guide or contact Human Resources if you have questions about qualifying events.


BlueCross BlueShield of North Dakota

BCBSND will continue to administer your medical and prescription drug benefits this year under the BlueSaver 80-2000 HSA with Preventative RX Plan.

To find out if your provider is in-network, please visit the BCBND website below.

BlueSaver HDHP 80-2000 SBC

What is an HDHP with an HSA?

What is an HDHP with an HSA?

Prescription Drug Benefit Overview

Prescription Drug Benefit Overview


Delta Dental

Delta Dental's dental plan provides comprehensive coverage to help you and your family maintain good dental health. Providers are part of the Delta Dental network, or you may see an out-of-network dentist of your choice. Be aware if you go out-of-network, your costs will be higher.

To find out if your provider is in-network, please visit the Delta Dental website below.

Delta Dental - Benefit Summary

How does Dental Insurance work?

How does Dental Insurance work?


MetLife Vision

Baker Boy offers vision coverage through MetLife to help pay for eye exams, prescription glasses and contact lenses. You receive a higher level of benefits when you see a provider in the MetLife Network. Review your coverage details in your Benefit Guide.

To find out if your provider is in-network, please visit the MetLife website below.

Vision Plan Benefit Summary

Vision Insurance Explained

Vision Insurance Explained

Life & Disability Insurance

Basic and Voluntary through MetLife

Baker Boy provides you with Basic & Voluntary Life/AD&D coverage through MetLife.

Basic Life/AD&D

Baker Boy automatically provides you with Basic Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) of $15,000. For Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders the benefit is $25,000. The benefit for a spouse is $5,000 and $2,500 for children. Eligible employees are automatically enrolled in the company paid benefits when they become benefit eligible. Benefits reduce 35% at age 65 and 50% at age 70.

Voluntary Life/AD&D

A sudden accident or death can leave you or your loved ones in a vulnerable position. Employees have the opportunity to enroll in Term Life and Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance which will supplement lost income in the event of an accident or death. If you choose to enroll in employee coverage, this will be in addition to your employer provided Basic Life coverage.

Who's Your Beneficiary? Naming a beneficiary is a crucial part of electing life insurance. Also, don't forget to update your primary or secondary beneficiary if you experience a life event, such as a divorce or birth of a child.

Short Term Disability 

Baker Boy provides full-time employees, who have worked at least 12 consecutive months, with short term disability income benefits– at no cost to you! Without disability coverage, you and your family may struggle to get by if you miss work due to an injury or illness.

Hours Worked

  • Weekday employees are based on 40 hours per week
  • Weekend employees are based on 36 hours per week
  • Transportation specialists are based on a 55 hour week

How it Works

If you become ill or injured and meet the guidelines to receive short term disability:

  • Contact the Baker Boy Human Resources Department to make a claims
  • Complete the Claim Form (which includes a physician authorization for the company to review and make a final determination)
  • If approved, benefits will be paid directly to the employee on the same schedule as our normal payroll
  • In order to receive continued disability payments, a new disability claim form must be completed every 6 weeks
  • The amount of time paid for a pregnancy without complications is 6 weeks (additional time may become necessary when there are complications)