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In the world of corporate benefits, you're being called on to be more. To bring your clients benefits solutions that create the best value for their businesses. To give them the latest tools and technologies that address the challenges of an ever-evolving workforce. To create greater value through benefits programs that help businesses attract the most talented employees, improve employee satisfaction, and promote retention.

At Benefits Partners, our mission is to empower our firms to achieve the highest levels of growth while effectively differentiating themselves from the competition

Introduction to Benefits Partners

At Benefits Partners we empower collaboration and innovation on every level — from the knowledge we share to the products we offer to the tools we create. We strive to foster a culture of idea-sharing that helps each of our firms add value to their practice, differentiate themselves from the competition, and increase revenue.

Contact Us

Robin L. Johnston

SVP, Corporate Development

Benefits Partners/NFP Insurance Services

1250 Capital of Texas Hwy. S. | Building 2, Suite 600 | Austin, TX 78746

P: 512.697.6340 | C: 512.554.2473 | |

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Robin Johnston

SVP, Corporate Development