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Open Enrollment: November 14th-27th, 2022

Open enrollment is your opportunity to review, elect and/or waive your health benefit elections based upon your personal and family needs for the coming year. Changes you make will be effective on January 1, 2023. We encourage you to attend one of the sessions outlined below so you can be prepared to make informed decisions regarding your 2023 healthcare choices.


2023 Health Benefits Overview

Download a copy of our  2023 Enrollment Guide for detailed information, or watch the 2023 Benefits Video (password: 2023InMomentOE)


Please Note - This is an active enrollment, so you are required to either elect and or waive coverage.

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How To Enroll

Enroll Today
Action Required
  • You can start, save, and submit your Open Enrollments easily between ADP Workforce Now® Self-Service Portal and ADP Mobile App 
  • Access the portal, enter your User ID and Password
  • If it is your 1st time logging in, you will need the Personal Registration Code that you received in an email from
  • If you'd like to change your existing coverage or make new elections, you must do so by November 27th. Your current benefit elections will NOT carry forward to 2032 if you don't make a new election.
  • To participate in a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account in 2023, you must make an active election, even if you're already participating in 2022. 

InMoment Open Enrollment WorkforceNow Tutorial

Password: InMomentOE2020


We are excited to continue our current theme of experience improvement for all our employees. InMoment's mission has always been guided by a desire to provide high-quality benefit options at a competitive price, allowing for choices of providers and plan designs, with a strategy that helps the company deliver a comprehensive and competitive benefits program. Our HR department and our partner NFP has worked diligently to balance the ever-increasing costs of healthcare to maintain a competitive program.

InMoment offers the following benefits:

  • Medical (HDHP & PPO)
  • HSA & FSA
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Supplemental Health Benefits
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Qualified Transit Expense Plan
  • Life & Disability
  • Retirement
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • LegalShield
  • GymPass
  • Auto & Home

Please see below for overviews that highlight of some of the benefits offered.

To see the benefits in full detail and to see your cost, you can refer to the Benefit Guides.

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Medical Plan Provided by UnitedHealthcare

InMoment has partnered with UnitedHealthcare to provide you with one of the nation's largest networks of doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies. We have both a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) and Traditional PPO plan available to you. The HDHP enables you to take advantage of the tax savings provided by a Health Savings Account (HSA), and allows InMoment to make employer contributions into your personal HSA account.

Please note that your out-of-pocket costs will be lower if you use in-network providers. By using in-network providers, you are protected from being balance billed if the provider normally charges rates higher than the maximum reimbursable rates accepted by UnitedHealthcare. Out-of-network providers who charge above those limits are allowed to bill you for those additional charges. This includes out-of-network providers you don’t actually choose yourself when selecting an in-network facility, such as emergency room doctors, anesthesiologists, radiologists, etc. Although these providers will be paid at the in-network coverage level once your deductible has been satisfied because they provided services to you from an in-network facility, that coverage will only be provided up to the maximum reimbursable rate allowed by United Healthcare, and you could be billed by the provider for any denied additional charges over that limit.

For both the HSA and FSA, please be aware of 2023 increased maximums:

  • HSA ─ Optum Bank, Employee Only annual maximum increased $200, from $3,650 to $3,850, Two-Party & Family tiers increased $450, from $7,300 to $7,750
  • FSA ─ Optum, annual maximum limit has increased $200, from $2,850 to $3,050

Specialty Rx

Pharmaceutical (Rx) Plan Requirements

Although the costs of specialty medications continue to increase, InMoment is committed to supporting our employees (and dependents) who require specialty medications. Specialty medications, with costs exceeding $20,000 a month, will be available through one of two options: 1) A Direct Procurement Patient Advocacy Program and; 2) A Treatment Cost Containment (TCC) Program. These plans both provide access to specialty medications in a more cost effective way. In addition to saving costs, those participating in the TCC program may be eligible for a substantial incentive.

Please note these two programs require active participation by you, the employee. Feel free to reach out to your HR department, or NFP representative, with any questions regarding these programs.


Dental Plan Provided by MetLife

The dental Plan offers you preventive care, basic care, major care and orthodontia services with orthodontia coverage for children and adults. The plan utilizes the PDP network.


Vision Plan Provided by Ameritas

The Ameritas vision plan offers comprehensive coverage, which includes an annual exam. The plan offers robust in-network benefits, such as a $150 frame allowance with basic lenses covered in full after a $20 copay, or a $150 retail allowance for elective contact lenses. The plan utilizes the EyeMed Access Network.

Voluntary Benefits

Supplemental Health Benefits Provided by Guardian

As a supplement to the protection that the medical and disability plans provide, you have the opportunity to enroll in supplemental health benefits for additional coverage. These supplemental medical benefits pay cash benefits for covered illnesses, hospital stays, or injuries. The three plans available are:

  • Accident (off the job) Plan
  • Hospital Plan
  • Critical Illness Plan

Each plan pays a benefit, in addition to any benefits/coverage you may receive from other insurance programs. The benefits will be paid directly to you, and you may use the money to pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses, transportation expenses, mortgage payments, tuition expenses, household expenses, hiring outside help, or however you like. You may also earn a Wellness Benefit of $100 to $150, simply by receiving a qualifying medical test or procedure - many of which are 100% covered by your medical insurance as a preventive service. Please see the Benefit Guide for more information.

Supplemental Voluntary Life Provided by Lincoln

We also provide a Voluntary Life option, which adds additional coverage to the standard Life & Disability benefit that is paid in full by InMoment.

Legal & ID Benefits

Legal and Identity Theft Protection Provided by LegalShield

LegalShield and IDShield provide the legal, identity theft and privacy protection you and your family need and deserve.

Legal Consultation and Advice:

• Court Representation

• Dedicated Provider Law Firm

• Legal Document Preparation and Review 

• Will Preparation

• Letters and Phone Calls Made on Your Behalf

• Speeding Ticket Assistance 

• 24/7 Emergency Legal Access

IDShield Coverage Includes:

• Identity Consultation and Advice

• Dedicated Licensed Private Investigators

• Identity, Credit and Financial Account Monitoring 

• Child Monitoring

• Full-Service Identity Restoration

• Real-Time Alerts

• 24/7 Emergency Access 

• Social Media Monitoring and Online Privacy Reputation Management

Home & Auto

Voluntary Home/Renters and Auto Insurance Options Provided by InsurChoice

As an employee you have the opportunity to save money on your home and auto insurance. InsurChoice is a voluntary home and auto insurance program with multiple discounts, which gives you access to different insurance products at great rates.

Contact InsurChoice at 888.858.1594 or to get a quote.

Contact Us

For help with any questions during open enrollment, and throughout the year, please contact

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