Sedera Select + (Cost Sharing), Minimum Essential Coverage, Colonial Accident

The Sedera Cost Sharing plan is combined with a MEC plan (Minimum Essential Coverage) to cover all ACA mandated Preventative Care and a Colonial Accident Plan.

Sedera Select + (Cost Sharing)

A Sharing Community

Inspired by the modern sharing economy, our model centers on Member-to-Member sharing, basically people helping people.

Sedera Medical Cost Sharing Members support one another’s financial and physical health by sharing burdensome medical expenses.

Healthcare Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

It is no secret that today’s healthcare landscape is complex and confusing.

With Medical Cost Sharing, managing medical expenses can be direct and transparent.

MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage)

Options Plus offers a low cost-conscious minimum essential coverage (MEC) plan that provides employers an affordable option to help eliminate penalties.

Colonial Accident Plan

Group accident insurance can help with medical or other costs associated with a covered accident or injury that your health insurance may not cover. With this coverage you may not need to use your savings or secure a loan to help pay those unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. Coverage options are available for you, your spouse and eligible dependent children.

Please see brochures for benefit information.

Dental and Vision

We have a wide variety of both employer paid and voluntary Dental and Vision plans that you can offer your employees.


Sedera, Options Plus, Colonial

These plans are available a-la-cart. You can choose any combination of coverages.

Dental and Vision would be rated based on effective date and location zip codes.

Sedera Options Plus Colonial 2-9 Rates

Sedera Options Plus Colonial 2-9 Rates

Sedera Options Plus Colonial 2-9 Rates

Sedera Options Plus Colonial 2 ...

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