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Ask Alex


ALEX®, the official Paragon Tempered Glass benefits counselor, walks you through the process of picking your best benefits, and provides easy-to-understand explanations for any questions you might have along the way.

You’ll receive personalized, confidential benefits guidance, which you can access on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Before you make your enrollment decisions, let ALEX help you find the plans that make the most sense for you.

Please review our 2023 Employee Benefit Guide Book and be sure to enroll by November 11th 2022.

Remember, this is the only time during the year that you can enroll in coverage or change your benefit elections, unless you have a qualifying event during the year. You have 30 days from the qualifying event to notify HR to make the changes. Common life events are; marriage, divorce, birth, adoption and loss in coverage.

How To Enroll?

All Employees must log in even if you are not making plan changes to verify demographic, dependent (please have dependent social security numbers available) and election information no later than November 11th, in order to elect and confirm benefits for the January 1st effective date.

Paragon Tempered Glass does encourage all employees to learn more about their benefit, by walking through Ask ALEX, however, should you wish to make your elections now:

Please use the link below to go directly to the Ben Xpress log in.



WHEN CAN I USE Telemedicine? 

When you have a minor illness or injury and:

–your doctor is not available;

–you become ill while traveling;

–when you are considering visiting a hospital emergency room for a non-emergency health condition.

*Your covered children between ages of 6 – 18 may also use Telemedicine when a parent or legal guardian is present.

Examples of Non-Emergency Conditions:

-Bladder infection




-Pink eye


-Seasonal flu


-Sore throat




1.Call 888.691.7867 and press 1 to speak to a doctor

2.A First Stop Health intake agent will ask a few brief questions

3.Within 5 – 10 minutes, a physician will call you back to review history, symptoms and make recommendations.

4.If a prescription is required, patients will be notified via email or text when the prescription has been sent to your preferred pharmacy. PLEASE HAVE YOUR PREFERRED PHARMACY’S PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE.


1.First time users, watch for a welcome email link which will be sent upon activation.

2.Click on the link in the email and set up your First Stop Health account.

3.Request a consultation online by clicking on “Request a Consult” button on the right-hand side of your dashboard.

4.Returning users, go to and follow step 3.

Click on the First Stop Health icon below to enroll


Dental Benefits


UMR Dental Plan



Family: $100

Preventive Service: Covered at 100% deductible waived

Basic Service: Covered at 80% after deductible

Major Service: Covered at 50% after deductible

Orthodontia Service: Covered at 50% after deductible

Cost Per Pay

Single: $4.17

EE+ Spouse : $8.88

EE + Children: $12.21

Family: $14.98

Vision Benefits

Maximum Benefit per Year per member enrolled in the Vision - $300

You may enroll as Single, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Child(ren) or Family. 

Each member enrolled may receive up to $300 per year for any

combination of Vision Exam, Lenses, Frames and Elective Contacts. 

Cost Per Pay

Single: $2.50

EE+ Spouse : $ 3.25

EE + Children: $7.00

Family: $11.00

See HR for more information or if you have any questions.


Group Life & AD&D



Life insurance is an important part of your financial security. Life insurance helps protect your family from financial risk and sudden loss of income in the event of your death.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance is equal to your Life benefit in the event of your death being a result of an accident,

and may also pay benefits for certain injuries sustained.

Benefit Reduction Schedule

Your insurance will reduce to:

–35% of the original amount at age 65

–55% of the original amount at age 70

–70% of the original amount at age 75

Basic Life is paid for you by Paragon Tempered Glass

Voluntary Life and AD&D

Employees have the opportunity to enroll in Voluntary Life and AD&D insurance. If you choose to enroll in employee coverage,

this will be in addition to your employer provided Basic Life coverage. Coverage is also available for your spouse and/or child

dependents. It is typically required that you elect coverage for yourself in order to be eligible for coverage on your dependents.

Cost of Coverage

Premiums are based on age-rated tables and paid by the employee every pay period through a payroll deduction. These premiums are post-tax and benefits payable are tax-free. The age-rated tables and premiums are programmed into the BenXpress online enrollment system. You may choose to enroll for Life ONLY, AD&D ONLY or Life and AD&D. 

Coverage Options

Employee Coverage

Choose in $10,000 increments up to the lesser of 5x your annual salary or $500,000

Spouse Coverage

Choose in $5,000 increments                             up to the lesser of 100% of the amount you elect for yourself or $500,000

Dependent Coverage

Choose in $2,000 increments

 up to $10,000

Do I have to take a health exam to get coverage?

New Hires who enroll within 30 days of their effective date, can elect up to $100,000 on a guaranteed issue basis without having to provide evidence of insurability. If you choose to enroll at a later date or enroll for amounts in excess of $100,000, medical evidence will be required for any amounts of life insurance. Existing employees who wish to newly enroll or increase their existing amount must complete evidence of insurability that will require medical underwriting approval.

Guaranteed Issue







Voluntary Life & AD&D Rate Sheet

Voluntary Life & AD&D Rate Sheet

Short Term Disability



Everyday illnesses or injuries can interfere with your ability to work. Even a few weeks away from work can make it difficult to manage household costs. 

Short Term Disability coverage provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income, so you can focus on getting better and worry less about keeping up with your bills.

Cost of Coverage

Voluntary Benefit

Employee deduction of $4.50 per week

Elimination Period

This is the number of days that must pass between your first day of a covered disability & the day you can begin to receive your disability benefits.

Benefits begin on the

1st day of an accident and

the 8th day of an illness (including pregnancy)

Benefit Duration

The maximum number of weeks

 you can receive benefits while

 you are sick or disabled.

Payments may last up to 26 weeks

You must be sick or disabled for the duration

 of the waiting period before you can

 receive a benefit payment.

Long Term Disability


Serious illnesses or accidents can come out of nowhere. They can interrupt your life, and your ability to work for months – even years. 

Long Term Disability provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income, so you have financial support to manage your disability and your household.

Company Paid Benefit

Provided to you at no cost

Your elimination period is 180 days

(if elected, this will be the benefit duration of Short Term Disability)

Payments will last for as long as you are disabled,

or until you reach Retirement Age (age 65),

whichever is sooner

You must be sick or disabled for the duration

of the elimination period before you can

 receive a benefit payment.  


Supplemental Benefits

sup life

Click on the Aflac Icon below for more information about supplemental benefits with Aflac.

To enroll, change or cancel Aflac benefits please see HR

Contact Us

Human Resource Department

Ashley Reed

Director of HR

419-258-5531 Ext 4818

Stephanie Moore

HR Administrator (OH)

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Connie Glidden

HR Generalist (MI)

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