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A True Partnership

Ullico’s experience and insights into the ever changing labor market place coupled with NFP’s unique insurance products and risk management expertise position their partnership to deliver best in class service for construction insurance clients and offers innovations such as our new Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program designed to help both the employer and the union work force.

Best in class means providing unmatched service, responding to the needs of construction insurance clients quickly while driving the development of specifically tailored products and programs. It’s all about finding the best solutions to fulfil those needs. Our position is that we treat each client as if they were our only client.

Customized Programs and Services

Ullico Casualty Group, LLC and NFP collaborate to offer Best-In-Class construction insurance and bonding programs and resources tailored to the needs of developers and contractors. It is important that every risk is reviewed on a case by case basis due to the ever-changing market place and evolving risks that contractors and developers face. It is important to understand the client’s business and offer creative and one of a kind products for their specific needs. We firmly believe in a proactive approach vs a reactive approach.

Capabilities Placemat

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