Sports Tuition Expense Protection (STEP)

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Sports Tuition Expense Protection (STEP)

Youth Hockey

The costs of participating in team sports – from youth sports to adult leagues – have skyrocketed. 

Sports teams and leagues rely heavily on pre-paid, nonrefundable tuition and fees to meet significant budgets for coaches, referees, equipment, facility rentals, insurance and more. So how do families protect their tuition and fees* if an athlete is unable to play? This may be due to injury or sickness of the athlete or close family member, or the relocation of the family.

An Easy Solution That Benefits All

The STEP program provides an easy solution that benefits both the participant’s family and the organization. The participant’s family receives financial reimbursement*, and the organization leaves its budget intact. As a result, the relationship between the organization and family is maintained and, as an ancillary benefit, the pressure of rushing back to the team is lessened, allowing the athlete time to address the reason for the absence.