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InsurChoice: A Digital Marketplace for You, Your Friends, & Your Family

Plymouth Pediatrics has partnered with NFP to offer InsurChoice, an innovative digital marketplace! InsurChoice offers you the ability to personalize your protection program — bringing you quick, convenient, holistic coverage with incredible cost-saving discounts across a variety of top-rated insurance products and carriers. The InsurChoice program is simple, fast, and always online. Find coverage in the blink of an eye! The Discounts and Rewards program below contains access to amazing discounts, cashback offers and discounted gift cards from over 200,000 vendors all in one place! Enjoy savings on travel, entertainment, restaurants, and much more!

Key benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing: One size doesn’t fit all, so you can match yourself with the best rates and coverages from multiple insurance companies.
  • Custom-tailored coverage: Select the products that meet YOUR needs.
  • Stability: NFP has relationships with key national carriers who have a proven track record of rate and coverage stability.
  • Innovation: With this innovative product delivery platform, NFP is constantly striving to add more benefits and improve your experience.

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