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Privacy and Cyber Security Liability Coverage

The Privacy and Cyber Security Liability insuring agreement provides coverage for the Insured for allegations of a Security Wrongful Act, including: The inability of a third-party, who is authorized to do so, to gain access to the Insured’s computer system; The failure to prevent unauthorized access to or use of a computer system, and/or the failure to prevent false communications such as phishing that results in corruption, deletion of or damage to electronic data, theft of data and denial of service attacks against websites or computer systems of a third party; It also protects against liability associated with the Insured’s failure to prevent transmission of malicious code from their Computer System to a third party’s Computer System.

Technology Products and Service

The Technology Products and Services insuring agreement provides coverage for allegations involving the Insured’s rendering or failure to render technology services or failure of the Insured’s technology products to perform their intended purpose.

Media Liability

The Media Liability insuring agreement provides coverage against allegations that include: Defamation, libel, slander, emotional distress, invasion of the right to privacy, copyright and other forms of intellectual property infringement (patent excluded) in the course of the Insured’s communication of Media Content in electronic (website, social media, etc.) or non-electronic forms.

Privacy Regulatory Coverage

The Privacy Regulatory insuring agreement provides coverage for both legal defense and the resulting fines/penalties emanating from a Regulatory Claim made against the Insured, alleging a privacy breach or a violation of a Federal, State, local or foreign statute or regulation with respect to privacy regulations. It also provides coverage for costs to comply with such request for information, civil investigative demand or proceeding brought by a governmental or regulatory authority.

PCI Fines and Penalties

Any company that processes credit cards is required to be PCI-DSS Compliant. Merchants and service providers must adhere to certain goals and requirements in order to be Compliant, and certain specific agreements, may subject an Insured to an "assessment" for breach of such agreements. This insuring agreement responds to PCI Assessments as well as claims expenses in the wake of a breach involving cardholder information.