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Cyber Liability

At NFP, we understand the inherent complexities faced by organizations in the cybersecurity space.We partner with you to create a fully integrated approach to risk management including risk mitigation and transfer mechanisms. The result is a tailored solution best suited to your organization’s needs.

NFP’s objective has always been to stand beside and develop risk and financial strategies with our clients. Teaching, learning and building together in the increasingly complex world of cyber insurance is the best path forward. Each day—as the technology moves faster and faster—the opportunity grows for us to bring expertise and insight to clients to achieve their vision for the future.

Analysis, Benchmarking and Dedicated Support

The process begins with a true risk quantification. We breakdown your risk to match it to industry and comparable metrics to provide real time benchmarking. We have access to tools internally and externally to help you better understand your overall risk profile. These include proactive services to help you better prepare for a cybersecurity incident, a policy form with customized language taking into account your industry class, size and trends, a panel of extensive breach response vendors to help you respond to an incident should one occur, and a dedicated claims advocacy practice ensuring you obtain the maximum recovery under your insurance policy should a claim occur.

The role of the broker is that of a true partner and extends beyond the insurance platform to provide consistent resources including a dedicated risk management portal to help understand the changing legal and regulatory landscape in which your company operates. In addition, we provide ongoing thought leadership in the forms of articles, whitepapers and webinars to help you understand the latest developments and emerging trends unique to your industry. Should a specific cybersecurity need arise relating to your organization’s regulatory exposure, third party vendor resources or anything else, NFP will guarantee your organization has the tools in place to respond.

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