InsurChoice: A Digital Marketplace for Curaleaf Full-Time Members, Your Friends, & Your Family

Curaleaf has partnered with NFP to offer InsurChoice, an innovative digital marketplace! InsurChoice offers you the ability to personalize your protection program — bringing you quick, convenient, holistic coverage with incredible cost-saving discounts across a variety of top-rated insurance products and carriers. The InsurChoice program is simple, fast, and always online. Find coverage in the blink of an eye!

Key benefits include:

  • Competitive pricing: One size doesn’t fit all, so you can match yourself with the best rates and coverages from multiple insurance companies.
  • Custom-tailored coverage: Select the products that meet YOUR needs.
  • Stability: NFP has relationships with key national carriers who have a proven track record of rate and coverage stability.
  • Innovation: With this innovative product delivery platform, NFP is constantly striving to add more benefits and improve your experience.

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